October Category M Prices Announced

October Category M Prices Announced

September 21, 2020

The Drug Tariff Category M pricelist for October 2020 has been published on the NHS BSA website.

Adjustments have been made which incorporate a reduction in the uplift previously applied from June 2020, along with an increase to margin run rates, and increases to reflect increased medicine buying costs. PSNC analysis indicates that the overall impact on reimbursement will be broadly flat.

As part of the October price list the £15m per month uplift which was implemented in June will be reduced by £10m per month. Concurrently a small uplift will be put in effect to ensure margin run rates proceed at the desired level.

Natural increases to prices due to changes in the buying costs of medicines will also combine to produce a net impact which is broadly flat compared to the previous Cat M pricelist.

PSNC has agreed the adjustments based on our analysis of margin delivery in previous years and on current projections for 2020/21. Our objectives are to ensure full delivery of agreed margin and smooth delivery as much as possible.

As always, the impact on individual pharmacies will vary depending on dispensing mix.


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