Oral anticoagulants toolkit to support delivery of MURs and NMS

Oral anticoagulants toolkit to support delivery of MURs and NMS

February 5, 2016

Pfizer has published an oral anticoagulants toolkit to support community pharmacy teams to deliver Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) and the New Medicine Service (NMS).

The toolkit was initiated by Pfizer Healthy Partnerships in consultation with a project group that included Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire, Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. PSNC and Pharmacy Voice have also both endorsed the toolkit.

The toolkit includes:

  • an implementation guide – which includes advice on starting to provide MURs and NMS for patients taking anticoagulants, patient engagement and tips for delivering both services;
  • a consultation reference – a brief overview of anticoagulants including information to assist pharmacists during an MUR or NMS;
  • a patient summary – for the patient to complete before the MUR or NMS;
  • MUR and NMS anticoagulant consultation prompts – prompts and key questions to aid the pharmacist to obtain information and deliver key messages to the patient;
  • key points – eight key points to discuss with every patient taking an oral anticoagulant; and
  • MUR and NMS referral letters – template letters for other healthcare professionals to use to refer patients for an MUR or NMS.

Hard copies of the toolkit are available to order from the Access Pfizer website (please note you will need to register on the website and have an Alliance Healthcare account number or Pfizer customer account number to complete the registration process).

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