Over 100 products added to the Discount Not Deducted (DND) list

Over 100 products added to the Discount Not Deducted (DND) list

September 29, 2020

Ensure liquid, Fortisip Compact Protein liquid and Aptamil Pepti 1 powder are amongst a large number of products that will enter the list of ‘Drugs for which Discount is Not Deducted’ (DND) in Part II of the Drug Tariff from 1st October 2020. Following applications made by PSNC to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), the deduction scale will no longer apply to more than 100 new products added to the DND list. The full list of products that will no longer be subject to the discount deduction scale is listed below.

Click here to view the 95 products added to DND list on 1st October 2020:

  • Adrenaline (base) 10mg/10ml (1 in 1,000) solution for injection ampoules
  • Adrenaline (base) 5mg/5ml (1 in 1,000) solution for injection ampoules
  • Aptamil Pepti 1 powder
  • Aptamil Pepti 2 powder
  • Aymes Shake Extra powder 85g sachets
  • Aymes Shake Extra Starter Pack powder
  • Azathioprine 50mg powder for solution for injection vials
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acid Module powder
  • Calogen emulsion
  • Calogen Extra Shots emulsion
  • DocOmega oral powder 4g sachets
  • Duocal Super Soluble powder
  • Ensure liquid
  • Ensure Plus Advance liquid
  • Ensure Plus Creme
  • Essential Amino Acid Mix powder
  • Forticare liquid
  • Forticreme Complete dessert
  • Fortini 1.0 Multi Fibre liquid
  • Fortini Creamy Fruit Multi Fibre
  • Fortini Smoothie Multi Fibre liquid
  • Fortisip 2kcal liquid
  • Fortisip Compact Fibre Starter Pack liquid
  • Fortisip Compact Protein liquid
  • Fortisip Compact Protein Starter Pack liquid
  • Fortisip Extra liquid
  • Fortisip Yogurt Style liquid
  • GA1 Anamix Junior oral powder 18g sachets
  • GA1 Maxamum powder
  • Glytactin BetterMilk 15 oral powder sachets
  • Glytactin BetterMilk Lite 20 oral powder 46g sachets
  • Glytactin Build 10 oral powder 16g sachets
  • Glytactin Complete 15 81g bars
  • Glytactin Restore 5 oral powder 20g sachets
  • Glytactin Restore Lite 20 oral powder 38g sachets
  • Glytactin RTD 10 liquid
  • HCU Anamix Infant powder
  • HCU Anamix Junior LQ liquid
  • HCU Anamix Junior oral powder 36g sachets
  • HCU Lophlex LQ 20 liquid
  • Heparon Junior powder
  • KetoCal 2.5:1LQ liquid
  • KetoCal 3:1 powder
  • KetoClassic 3:1 Breakfast porridge
  • KetoClassic 3:1 Meal bolognese 126g pouches
  • KetoClassic 3:1 Meal chicken 135g pouches
  • KetoClassic 3:1 Savoury meal
  • Keyo semi-solid food 100g pots
  • Leucine100 oral powder sachets
  • Loprofin SNO-PRO drink
  • Mannitol 40mg inhalation powder capsules with two devices
  • MMA / PA Anamix Junior oral powder 18g sachets
  • MSUD Anamix Junior LQ liquid
  • MSUD express20 oral powder 34g sachets
  • MSUD Lophlex LQ 20 liquid
  • Neocate Syneo powder
  • Nepro HP liquid
  • Nutilis Complete Creme Level 3 custard
  • Nutilis Fruit Dessert Level 4
  • Nutramigen 3 with LGG powder
  • Nutricia Flavour Modjul powder
  • Nutrison Protein Intense liquid
  • Nutrison Protein Plus Energy liquid
  • Optifast shake oral powder 54g sachets
  • Optifast soup oral powder 54g sachets vegetable
  • PKU Air20 liquid
  • PKU Air20 green liquid
  • PKU Air20 gold liquid
  • PKU Air20 red liquid
  • PKU Air20 white liquid
  • PKU Anamix Infant powder
  • PKU Easy Shake & Go oral powder 34g sachets
  • PKU explore10 oral powder 25g sachets
  • PKU explore5 oral powder 12.5g sachets
  • PKU GMPro oral powder 33.3g sachets
  • PKU Lophlex Sensation 20
  • PKU start powder
  • PKU Synergy oral powder 33g sachets
  • Pregestimil LIPIL powder
  • Pro-Cal shot
  • Pro-Cal shot starter pack
  • ProSource jelly
  • ProSource Plus liquid 30ml sachets
  • Pulmocare liquid
  • Renapro Shot 60ml bottles
  • Renastep liquid
  • Resource Energy liquid
  • Resource Fibre 2.0 liquid
  • Scandishake Mix oral powder 85g sachets
  • SOD Anamix Infant powder
  • TYR Lophlex LQ 10 liquid
  • TYR Lophlex LQ 20 liquid
  • Vitasavoury powder 50g sachets
  • XPhe jump 10 liquid
  • XPHEN TYR Tyrosidon Free AA Mix powder

In addition, the following 27 products listed below were recently re-classified as unlicensed specials and therefore qualify under the relevant Group Item DND category for unlicensed specials.

Click here to view the 27 drugs re-classified as unlicensed medicinal products (specials) that were automatically added to the DND list:

  • BioBag 100 4cm x 5cm dressing kit (Special Order)
  • BioBag 200 5cm x 6cm dressing kit (Special Order)
  • BioBag 300 6cm x 12cm dressing kit (Special Order)
  • BioBag 400 10cm x 10cm dressing kit (Special Order)
  • BioBag 50 2.5cm x 4cm dressing kit (Special Order)
  • Desmospray 2.5micrograms/dose nasal spray (Imported (Germany))
  • Ethinylestradiol 2microgram tablets (Special Order)
  • Ilomedin 100micrograms/1ml solution for infusion ampoules (Imported (Greece))
  • Larvae 100 (Special Order)
  • Larvae 100 30cm x 30cm dressing pack (Special Order)
  • Larvae 100 Boot pack (Special Order)
  • Larvae 200 (Special Order)
  • Larvae 200 30cm x 30cm dressing pack (Special Order)
  • Larvae 200 Boot pack (Special Order)
  • Optimax 500mg capsules (Special Order)
  • Primaquine 7.5mg tablets (Special Order)
  • Seconal Sodium 100mg capsules (Special Order)
  • Seconal Sodium 50mg capsules (Special Order)
  • Serdolect 12mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
  • Serdolect 16mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
  • Serdolect 20mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
  • Serdolect 4mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
  • Sodium Amytal 200mg capsules (Special Order)
  • Sodium Amytal 60mg capsules (Special Order)
  • Soneryl 100mg tablets (Special Order)
  • Talidex 25mg tablets (Special Order)
  • Tuinal 100mg Pulvules (Special Order)

For a list of all the monthly changes to the DND status of products please see the following page Notice of changes to discount not deducted (DND) status of products.


The DND list is updated monthly by the DHSC and includes grouped and individual items. Individual items are separately listed in Part II of the Drug Tariff. Any items covered by the ‘Group Items’ heading are not listed again individually in Part II. Contractors can also check the Actual Medicinal Product (AMP) listing on Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) to identify whether a product meets the DND criteria (see below).

Group items

Any products that are covered by one or more of the Group items categories below are reimbursed without any discount deduction applied.

  • Cold Chain Storage (ALL)
  • Schedule 1, 2 or 3 Controlled Drugs: Products containing drugs listed in Schedules 1, 2 and 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulation 2001
  • Cytotoxic or Cytostatic item (ALL):
  • Immunoglobulins (ALL)
  • Insulins for injection (ALL)
  • Vaccines and antisera (ALL)
  • Unlicensed medicines: ‘Specials’ not listed in Part VIIIB where the product has been sourced from a supplier holding a MHRA specials or importers licence (prescriptions must be endorsed with invoice price less discount/rebate)
  • Hazardous chemicals

Individual items  

Products that do not are covered by one or more of the Group item categories above must fulfil all three of the following criteria to qualify for entry to the DND list.

  • the manufacturer(s), AAH and Alliance do not offer pharmacy contractors a discount
  • fewer than 500,000 items per year are dispensed of the product
  • average net ingredient cost (NIC) per item is more than £50

PSNC will continue its work to assess whether other drugs and appliances fulfil the current DND entry requirements under either the ‘Group’ and ‘Individual item’ criteria and make applications to NHSBSA and DHSC, accordingly.

If a product is currently subject to the discount deduction scale and you believe that it should be added to DND list based on the criteria specified above, please contact the PSNC Dispensing and Supply Team by emailing info@psnc.org.uk who will investigate whether the product meets the relevant DND criteria and make an application to the DHSC and NHSBSA, as appropriate.

For further information on how discount deduction works, click here

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