Pharmacist shares her experience of repeat dispensing

Pharmacist shares her experience of repeat dispensing

May 14, 2015

Following the introduction of the requirement to advise appropriate patients about the benefits of the repeat dispensing service in March, PSNC has spoken to Lorna Harwood, the pharmacist at Langho Pharmacy in Blackburn, about how she has been promoting the service.

  1. What if I’m faced with reluctant GPs?Lorna Harwood

Lorna recommends getting the patients to ask: “patients have the power and are more likely to influence the practice”.

  1. What if it’s not right for my patients?

Lorna’s team were having problems with one couple who just couldn’t get their heads around it, but she learnt a useful lesson from this: “you have to be selective on patients you try it with.”

  1. What if something goes wrong?

Lorna recalls one GP who kept trying to change an electronic repeatable prescription which caused a bit of hassle, but her team were quick to pick this up and explained how the process works to him. This highlights the importance of GP engagement and involvement in the repeat dispensing service: good communication between community pharmacy teams and GP practice staff is essential.


PSNC has created new template letters to help inform GP practices, pharmacies and LMCs of the benefits of repeat dispensing. You can find these and other resources at:

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