Pharmacy Access Scheme review process to close soon

Pharmacy Access Scheme review process to close soon

January 26, 2017

Time is running out to apply for a review of your pharmacy’s eligibility for payments under the Pharmacy Access Scheme (PhAS).

As part of the two-year final funding package imposed on community pharmacies in England, the Department of Health (DH) introduced PhAS with the stated aim of ensuring that a baseline level of patient access to NHS community pharmacy services is protected. Community pharmacies who qualify for PhAS will receive an additional monthly payment, meaning those pharmacies will be protected from the full effects of the reduction in funding.

If you think your pharmacy is, or ought to be, eligible for these PhAS payments, please check the list of qualifying pharmacies published by DH to confirm this. Please note, this list was revised soon after its initial publication.

If your pharmacy is not on the published list and you think it should be eligible for PhAS payments, you need to apply to NHS England for a ‘review’ as soon as possible and you must apply before the end of February 2017*.

PSNC has issued a briefing with key points on PhAS works and the review process: PSNC Briefing 005/17: The Pharmacy Access Scheme – the review process closes at the end of February 2017*.

*There is one exception to this deadline, which relates to review applications for physical feature anomalies, which is explained in the briefing.

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