PHE Healthy Living Pharmacy Newsletter published

PHE Healthy Living Pharmacy Newsletter published

February 10, 2020

The eighth issue of Public Health England’s (PHE) Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) newsletter has been published and features a range of topics and new material to help pharmacy teams achieve HLP Level 1 status, including:

Mental Health:

  • PHE has released Every Mind Matters – the campaign to help everybody improve their mental health
  • Bedminster Healthy Living Pharmacy share their experiences of how community pharmacy can make good mental health a reality
  • Don’t forget that PHE is hosting a Mental Health Webinar on Wednesday 19th February 2020

Declaration of Competence:

  • What is the Declaration of Competence (DoC)?
  • Why is it relevant to my practice?
  • Are you service ready? Review the table in the newsletter to identify any services that your pharmacy provides or will provide and work through the DoC self-assessment framework to identify gaps in your knowledge.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR):

  • Healthy Living Pharmacies can make a big difference in antimicrobial stewardship
  • Information about the Keep Antibiotics Working campaign
  • Resources for community pharmacy teams

Sexual and Reproductive Health:

  • National Chlamydia Screening Programme for 15-24 year olds
  • The Pharmacy Offer for Sexual Health, Reproductive Health and HIV: a guide
  • Case Study: The Umbrella Pharmacy Service in Birmingham

Also included in this issue:

  • All Our Health
  • Health Champion Corner
  • PHE News and Updates
  • Population Wellbeing Portal

Community pharmacies will be required to become an HLP Level 1 in 2020 as agreed in the five-year deal between PSNC, NHS England and NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care; this reflects the priority attached to public health and prevention work. PHE’s HLP Newsletter is ideal for collating ideas and resources to build an HLP Level 1 Evidence Portfolio.

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