PHE publishes productive healthy ageing guide for pharmacy teams

PHE publishes productive healthy ageing guide for pharmacy teams

March 22, 2019

Public Health England has, with support from the Pharmacy and Public Health Forum, published A Menu of Interventions for Productive Healthy Ageing, aimed at pharmacy teams working in different settings.

The guide details opportunistic, evidence-based interventions that can help provide benefits for healthy ageing. The interventions cover topics such as falls prevention, dementia, social isolation and loneliness, and malnutrition.

Some of the interventions could be provided opportunistically by pharmacy teams as part of the provision of Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework services and others could be commissioned locally.

The interventions are likely to be of particular interest to Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLPs) who are looking for new health promoting interventions they could undertake as part of their ongoing HLP requirements.

The document will also be of interest to Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs), Local Professional Networks (LPNs), local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and local NHS England teams. Some of the interventions listed may prompt ideas for local public health campaigns or service development opportunities that fit with local commissioning priorities.

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