PQS: Risk review quality criterion resource published 

PQS: Risk review quality criterion resource published 

October 30, 2019

Community pharmacy contractors may now want to consider working on meeting the risk review quality criterion, if they have not already started on this, as a new resource to support contractors has now been published.

PSNC has worked with the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group to produce Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Completing the risk review, which provides contractors with information on what they need to do to meet the quality criterion as well as worked examples of the risk review templates.

Further information on this quality criterion is available in the NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) guidance (pages 24-25) and risk review templates, which contractors can choose to use, are also available in Annex 2 and 3 in this guidance. PSNC has made available standalone versions of these risk review templates.

Risk review templates

If you completed a risk review for the 2018/19 Quality Payments Scheme (QPS), you should complete the below template to demonstrate how you have reflected on this previous risk review:

If you did not complete a risk review for the 2018/19 QPS, you should complete the below template to demonstrate that you have now completed a risk review for an identified risk:

Please note, you should only complete the first table in the above template document at this stage. The bottom section should be completed later when you have reflected on the risk review (see the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group – Completing the Risk Review resource for further information).

All contractors should also complete a risk review for sepsis:

Pharmacy professionals are advised, if they have not already done so, to complete the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) Risk management training and e-assessment before completing the risk reviews (many pharmacy professionals will have completed this last year as part of the Risk management quality criterion of the 2018/19 QPS; there is not a PQS requirement to complete this again). Pharmacy professionals should also complete the CPPE Sepsis online training and assessment prior to completing the risk review on sepsis to inform the content of the risk review (the CPPE Risk management and Sepsis training and e-assessments are both quality criteria of the PQS).

Further information on how to meet this quality criterion can be found atpsnc.org.uk/pqsriskreview

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