PSNC and Pharmacy Voice demonstrate how to turn their Forward View into reality

PSNC and Pharmacy Voice demonstrate how to turn their Forward View into reality

January 19, 2017

PSNC and Pharmacy Voice, with the support of the RPS English Pharmacy Board, have today launched the next phase of the Community Pharmacy Forward View (CPFV) project.

The three key roles described in the Community Pharmacy Forward View:

1. As the facilitator of personalised care for people with long-term conditions

2. As the trusted, convenient first port of call for episodic healthcare advice and treatment

3. As the neighbourhood health and wellbeing hub

Four months after the national community pharmacy bodies published the Community Pharmacy Forward View as their shared vision for the future of the community pharmacy network, many of the ideas set out in this sector-led vision have been reflected and reinforced in the recommendations of the recently published Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Clinical Services (the Murray Review). 

The ‘Making it Happen’ stage focuses on how to deliver this shared vision by setting out pathways for the policy change, professional development and partnership working required to enable community pharmacy to play its full role within an integrated health and care system. It also calls on national NHS leaders and the Government to commit to working with the sector to develop and implement the plan.

On the new CPFV micro site (, pharmacy teams, LPCs and key stakeholders can find detailed information and resources, including an outline implementation framework for delivering the CPFV vision and case studies from pharmacy organisations who are pioneering new ways of working.

The pharmacy bodies are inviting feedback from community pharmacy leaders, frontline teams and their local partners on implementation pathways for each of the three future roles for community pharmacy that are described in the CPFV. As with the initial vision, the pathways have been published as a starter for ten, for others to review, refine and expand. In particular, local leaders are invited to give feedback and share their own stories of taking steps along the pathways described (or along alternative routes), and the lessons learned on how progress can be accelerated and barriers removed.

Feedback can be given via the newly launched CPFV micro site (

Commenting on this launch, PSNC Director of NHS Services, Alastair Buxton, said:

“Although our vision for the future of community pharmacy is yet to be made reality, we start 2017 with a clear plan for getting there. ‘Making it Happen’ includes a series of diagrams which show how community pharmacy services can move forwards, giving details of possible action points to make it happen. We hope it makes for interesting reading, and with suggestions such as improving communication skills and investing in digital services, some of it may even feel achievable now.

At a national level, we will be working to hold the NHS and Government to account for the future they have, despite the imposition, promised us, and by showing them how we can get there and how that will help patients and healthcare providers.

The publication of ‘Making it Happen’, along with our CPFV micro site, begin this process; we hope they will help us to start moving towards the ambitious service development ideas that all of us in community pharmacy would like to see realised.”

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