PSNC launches GP CPCS animation

PSNC launches GP CPCS animation

January 21, 2021

PSNC has launched a video animation and infographic explaining how GP practices can refer into the NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS).

The digital explainers have been developed to help describe the GP referral pathway into the CPCS. The animation outlines how referrals work and what pharmacies do with those referrals, as well as the success of NHS 111 referrals into the CPCS. The infographic complements the animation but in a one-page factsheet format.

PSNC is working with NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) and others to raise awareness of the benefits that GP CPCS can bring with Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and general practice teams. We hope that the new animation and infographic will help LPCs and pharmacy teams to initiate local discussions on implementing the service in their areas.

PSNC Director of NHS Services, Alastair Buxton, said:

“Enabling the GP referral pathway into the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service late last year was a strategically significant development of the service. Some general practices have already recognised its value and have worked with the NHS and LPCs to implement it locally, but the need for local implementation planning at a time when primary care is already very busy always meant there would be a phased adoption by general practices, rather than a big bang start.

We hope this short animation is a useful resource for LPCs and the NHS to use in engaging more practices and other stakeholders to support the rollout of the pathway.”

The GP CPCS animation and infographic

Watch the animation:

View the infographic: Portrait or Landscape

These are also both available to view via the shortlink:

Using the animation

LPCs and pharmacy teams are encouraged to share the animation with local GP practices, LMCs, PCNs and CCGs to improve understanding and engagement with the GP referral pathway into the CPCS in their areas. You can show the animation at meetings directly from the PSNC website, but if you need access to a downloadable version, please email:

Whilst the full video is only a few minutes long, we have also made some shorter clips of the animation. These can be used to make specific points and gain more traction on social media. You can download these clips via the links below.

On social media, please use the hashtag #GPCPCS. You may also wish to use some of the draft tweets we have created: Tweet templates

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