PSNC Leadership Academy: On the road to success

PSNC Leadership Academy: On the road to success

June 12, 2017

PSNC’s 2017 leadership development programme for LPCs has begun and here we find out what two of the trainees have been up to so far.

Amit Patel

Chief Executive of Pharmacy London, Amit Patel is still relatively new to the world of pharmacy, but has taken on a lot of responsibilities in a short space of time. As such Amit hopes to use his place on the Leadership Academy programme to develop himself and his board, who will then be able to share those skills with the 13 London LPCs who make up the joint workgroup.

Amit values the ability to learn from other LPCs around the country and has found the networking opportunity provided by the Academy to be “phenomenal”, and describes the sheer volume of ideas being shared as “amazing”.

During his one-to-one coaching session, course leader Rachel Harrison not only provided Amit with the chance to reflect on his work, but she also gave him ideas on how to improve. Amit says he has “been on a journey of mindset change” and now wants to implement positive thinking alongside colleagues to generate more positive outcomes.

Amit believes pharmacy needs leaders with a media-savvy voice to get the sector’s messages across and take up key roles. His plan going forward is to create a three to five-year plan to help take community pharmacy in his area on to bigger and better things: “there’s a lot more to come from Pharmacy London”.

Myra Battle

The requirement to teach others as part of her role at Suffolk LPC helping with the development of Health Living Pharmacies (HLPs) is what first led Myra Battle to apply for PSNC’s Leadership Academy programme.

Myra has found joining the Leadership Academy to be an enlightening experience. She is not a pharmacist and felt intimidated during the first Academy training session, but when course leader Rachel Harrison said, “everyone has baggage, but only you can see your own,” it was a real eye-opener for Myra.

The programme is building Myra’s confidence to push herself and expand her boundaries; she’s even booked on to PSNC’s coaching and mentoring course to help further develop her skills in that area. Myra has begun carefully planning what she will do during her pharmacy visits before going to do them and hopes, in time, to be able to better adapt her leadership style to suit her audience.

Myra hopes to empower those she’s teaching to motivate others; she has already inspired one of her HLP pharmacy students to quit smoking simply due to her infectious enthusiasm for healthy living. Myra wants to make a difference and her ultimate goal is to do so on a national scale. She is looking forward to building on her experience to lead the health of the British public to a brighter future through her work with the LPC.

PSNC will be catching up with more of the candidates later on in their training.

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