Quality Payments: 10,554 contractors now validated

Quality Payments: 10,554 contractors now validated

March 28, 2019

The latest NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) weekly gateway report shows that 10,554 community pharmacy contractors have now been validated as meeting the five gateway criteria of the Quality Payments Scheme.

This means that 10,554 contractors have been validated that they:

  1. Are offering patients the opportunity to access at least one Advanced Service at their pharmacy;
  2. Have updated/validated their NHS website profile to ensure it is up-to-date;
  3. Have the results of their latest Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire publicly available on their NHS website profile;
  4. Have a live premises NHSmail account with two live linked personal accounts; and
  5. Have pharmacy operating systems and browsers which are compliant with NHS Digital’s Warranted Environment Specification (WES).

Contractors who have been validated will have received confirmation of this in an email from the NHSBSA team. Contractors should confirm they have these emails as proof of successful declaration and validation; and these emails should be retained in case of any payment queries.

Contractors who have been validated will be paid a Quality Payment based on the quality criteria they declared they met when they completed their declaration. This payment will be made as part of the full payment for their March 2019 submission to NHSBSA (which contractors will receive at the start of June 2019).

Contractors who have not been validated as meeting the gateway criteria – urgent action required

Contractors who made a declaration by the deadline (1st March 2019) but who have not yet been validated as meeting the five gateway criteria still have an opportunity to be eligible for a Quality Payment, but urgent action is required as the deadline to take corrective action and be validated is tomorrow, 29th March 2019.

These contractors will have received an email from the NHSBSA team after they made their declaration which would have detailed the gateway criteria which the NHSBSA could not validate them as meeting. Contractors would have been encouraged in this email to take corrective action to meet these gateway criteria so the NHSBSA team could then validate them. Contractors will NOT receive a Quality Payment unless they are validated.

If a contractor is unsure what action they need to take to be validated as meeting the five gateway criteria, they are strongly encouraged to email the NHSBSA Provider Assurance Team (nhsbsa.pharmacysupport@nhs.net) with their F-code as soon as possible. Appropriate advice and support can then be provided to these contractors to try to ensure they can be validated before tomorrow (29th March 2019). If a contractor is not validated by this date, they will not be eligible for a Quality Payment.

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