Quality Payments: Are you meeting the NHS website gateway criterion?


Quality Payments: Are you meeting the NHS website gateway criterion?

February 11, 2019

With less than a week to go until the review point of the Quality Payments Scheme (15th February 2019) the latest NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) weekly gateway criteria report shows that 1,174 community pharmacy contractors are not currently meeting the NHS website gateway criterion:

  • 204 contractors have only updated/validated one or two sections out of the required THREE sections on their NHS website profile; and
  • 970 contractors have not updated/validated any of the required sections.

Contractors are reminded that even if one or more sections are correct, they still need to log into their profile and validate this correct information during the required time period (between 00:00 on 3rd December 2018 and 23:59 on 15th February 2019) as well as update any information in the three sections that is no longer correct.

The table below shows the breakdown of contractors who have updated/validated at least one section but not the required three sections on their NHS website profile:

Sections updated/validated Sections NOT updated/validated Number of pharmacies
Opening times Services and Facilities 119
Opening times and Services Facilities 45
Opening times and Facilities Services 15
Services Opening times and Facilities 7
Services and Facilities Opening times 18
Facilities Opening times and Services 0
Total number of pharmacies who have not updated all three sections and are therefore currently NOT meeting the NHS website gateway criterion 204

The report also shows that 43 contractors have updated all three sections but are not showing as having met the NHS website gateway criterion as they do not have Medicines Use Reviews (MURs), or the New Medicine Service (NMS) listed as a service offered from their pharmacy on their profile. If contractors are intending to meet the Advanced Services gateway criterion as they offer either of these services, the service must be listed on their NHS website profile, otherwise their profile will not be up-to-date, and they will therefore not meet the NHS website gateway criterion.

Contractors are encouraged to download the latest NHSBSA weekly gateway criteria report to check whether their pharmacy is listed as not having met the criterion and if required, take corrective action as soon as possible to ensure they meet the NHS website criterion by the review point.

Meeting the NHS website gateway criterion

To meet the gateway criterion contractors are required to edit or validate three sections of their NHS website (NHS.UK) profile within the above time period. The three sections are:

  • their opening hours, including the following Bank Holidays:
Friday 19th April 2019 Good Friday
Sunday 21st April 2019 Easter Sunday*
Monday 22nd April 2019 Easter Monday
Monday 6th May 2019 Early May bank holiday
Monday 27th May 2019 Spring bank holiday
  • the facilities the pharmacy provides e.g. consultation room, parking, etc; and
  • the services the pharmacy provides e.g. MURs, NMS, etc.

*Although Easter Sunday is not officially a bank holiday, NHS England has requested that contractors add their opening hours for this date to assist local NHS England teams and DoS leads so they know which pharmacies will be open over the Easter weekend.

A User Guide for managing NHS website profiles to support the Quality Payments Scheme is available on the NHS website (the User Guide can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the NHS website page and is listed under the ‘User guides’ section as ‘Pharmacy Quality Payments Scheme user guide for February 2019 declaration’) which provides step-by-step instructions on how to edit or validate a pharmacy’s NHS website profile.

Visit psnc.org.uk/qpnhswebsite for further information.



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