Quality Payments: DoS FAQs


Quality Payments: DoS FAQs

March 31, 2017

Following the publication of the news story on the PSNC website highlighting that the DoS checker is now available and PSNC 017/17: Quality Payments – How to meet the Directory of Services quality criterion below are some frequently asked questions that the  team at PSNC has received this week:

  1. My pharmacy has more than one profile for its DoS entry. Do I need to complete a survey for each profile?
    No. Contractors are required to review all the DoS profiles for their pharmacy and check for any inaccuracies. One survey form must then be completed which should cover all the DoS profiles.

    As well as checking against ODS codes, contractors should search for other profiles using the  pharmacy name and postcode as well, as not all profiles are linked to their ODS code. This should enable contractors to find all the profiles that have been created for their pharmacy.

  1. One of my profiles on the DoS checker is correct but the other contains incorrect information. What answer do I provide on the survey form when it asks me if my NHS 111 DoS entry is correct?
    A pharmacy’s NHS 111 Dos entry is made up of all their profiles therefore if a profile contains incorrect information, the overall entry is incorrect. Contractors should therefore select ‘no’ as their NHS 111 DoS entry is not correct, and then provide all the information requested in question 7 to make the NHS 111 DoS Lead aware of the incorrect information.

    Note as above only one survey needs to be completed to cover all the profiles that a pharmacy may have.

  1. I provide a minor ailment service from my pharmacy but the DoS checker is only showing one profile for my pharmacy (Profile A – pharmacist); it is not showing that the pharmacy provides an Enhanced Service (Profile C – Enhanced Service). Does this mean my NHS 111 DoS entry is incorrect?
    If you believe your pharmacy should have additional profiles displayed for their DoS entry, for example, if they provide Enhanced Services, then you should select ‘no’ when asked if your NHS 111 DoS entry is up to date on the survey form.
  1. I’ve searched for my pharmacy using my ODS code and another pharmacy’s details come up. How do I proceed?
    Contractors should search for other profiles for their pharmacy using the pharmacy name and postcode and  check these profiles for any other inaccuracies. The survey form should then be completed and when asked if your NHS 111 DoS profile is correct, contractors should select ‘no’ to ensure the inaccuracy of the ODS code (and any other inaccuracies) is picked up by the local NHS 111 DoS Lead. Any details that are inaccurate on any of the profiles should then be identified when completing question 7 on the survey form.
  1. Why do I need to check for profiles using my ODS code, pharmacy name and postcode?
    Currently, not all the DoS profiles are linked to a pharmacy’s ODS code. Therefore, if you only search by ODS code, all your profiles may not be displayed, which may lead to you entering incorrect information into the survey form. By checking by ODS code, pharmacy name and postcode, you should find all your profiles and therefore by able to answer questions on the survey form correctly.
  1. I’ve submitted my survey but I’ve now realised that I didn’t review one of my pharmacy’s profiles. Originally, I thought my profile was correct but information in the missed profile is incorrect. Should I submit another survey form?
    Yes. Ideally only one survey should be completed per pharmacy. Once submitted this survey cannot be changed.

    However, if a contractor has made an error or becomes aware of inaccuracies then a second survey can be completed. NHS 111 DoS Leads will then have different information for the same contractor and will investigate the discrepancy.

  1. I’ve searched for my pharmacy using my ODS code, pharmacy name and postcode and could not find a DoS entry for my pharmacy. How do I proceed?
    If you cannot find your pharmacy after searching using your ODS code, pharmacy name and postcode, please email england.communitypharmacy@nhs.net with ‘DoS’ in the title, for further assistance. In the email please include your pharmacy ODS code, pharmacy name, address, and postcode.

    Contractors should keep a copy of the emails sent and received from NHS England as evidence that they have followed the correct procedure to meet the quality criterion.

  1. I have been unable to open the DoS checker. What should I do?
    There have been reports that some contractors have had problems opening the DoS checker. NHS Digital is investigating these incidents with the affected contractors directly, and have reviewed the performance of the site. The site performance tests have not identified any problems with meeting demand or delivering functionality.

    Contractors having problems accessing the site using a link from another site are asked to try typing the web link directly into their browser https://view.pathwaysdos.nhs.uk/ or to try accessing the DoS checker on another device, for example, a mobile phone or home computer.

    If this still does not work contractors should email england.communitypharmacy@nhs.net  about the problem and supply the following information to provide NHS Digital with more information to analyse the situation:

    • the name and version of the browser, e.g. Internet explorer 11, Google Chrome;
    • the time of day you experienced this issue; and
    • town/city and postcode.
  1. I have checked the details of my pharmacy DoS profile and they are incorrect. What should I do?
    Whether you find any inaccuracies or not, all contractors claiming this quality criterion must complete the survey form. This will inform your local NHS111 DoS Lead that you have checked your profile and will let them know where changes need to be made.    

    The survey form provides NHS 111 DoS Leads across the country with the information that the profiles that have been created for the pharmacies in their area are correct or not. The NHS 111 DoS Leads will then look to correct those profiles that are incorrect before the next review date.


    By checking the DoS checker and completing the DoS survey form correctly the contractor will have fulfilled the requirements of the DoS criterion of the Quality Payments Scheme; and will therefore be able to claim these points in the declaration for this review period.

  1. I have recently been in contact with my NHS 111 DoS Lead and agreed changes to my DoS entry; however, this does not show up on the DoS checker. What should I do?
    The information provided on the DoS Checker was taken from the DoS on 2nd March 2017, changes may have been made to the DoS since that date. However, contractors should complete the survey with the information that has been provided on the DoS checker. NHS 111 DoS Leads will reconcile the information received from the DoS survey with any subsequent changes made to the DoS.

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