Quality Payments: How to avoid common mistakes


Quality Payments: How to avoid common mistakes

November 17, 2017

PSNC has examined the April Quality Payments declaration data from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) to identify the most common reasons for contractors not initially passing the gateway criteria.

There were nearly 800 contractors who appeared to have failed the gateway criteria for the Quality Payments Scheme at the first review point in April 2017. During the post-payment verification process, the NHS BSA contacted those contractors and instructed them to carry out specific actions to ensure they met the gateway criteria, or they would risk having their quality payment recovered.

As NHS England have made it clear that they will not be offering this ‘second chance’ to contractors following the November review point, any contractor claiming a quality payment that does not pass the gateway criteria at the November review point risks having the payment recovered at a later date.

To avoid these pitfalls, PSNC recommends that contractors ensure that:

  • you retain all emails/correspondence regarding any queries that have arisen relating to quality payments, as should for any reason your quality payment submission be queried, written evidence that the contractor has tried to resolve the query within the timeframe may be considered acceptable;
  • if you are providing Medicines Use Reviews and/or the New Medicine Service, these services are displayed on the ‘services’ section of your public NHS Choices profile;
  • each of the three sections on your NHS Choices profile (opening hours, services and facilities) is updated and/or verified before the deadline of 11.59pm on 24th November 2017;
  • a screenshot or print out is taken of the ‘last verified’ or ‘last updated’ dates on each of the three sections of your public facing NHS Choices profile, should you choose to update them after the deadline and then this is then queried by NHS BSA;
  • pharmacy staff members have an nhs.net email that meets the criteria and has been used recently. You may wish to retain sent and received emails as evidence of the NHSmail account working properly; and
  • if you are a distance selling pharmacy (DSP) contractor, the alternative process for meeting the NHS Choices gateway criterion is followed (see PSNC Briefing 065/17: Quality Payments – Process for DSP contractors to meet the NHS Choices gateway criterion for the November 2017 review point for more information).

Finally, remember that all the Quality Payments Scheme gateway and quality criteria must be met by the review point of 24th November 2017, which is different to the closing date of the declaration process.

For more information on the Quality Payments Scheme, visit psnc.org.uk/quality

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