Quality Payments: New declaration process


Quality Payments: New declaration process

December 7, 2018

Following the publication of NHS England’s guidance for the Quality Payments Scheme February 2019 review point, NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) will today distribute via email* further information on how contractors can claim for a quality payment when the declaration window opens on Monday 4th February 2019.

Contractors will be able to claim for a quality payment via two routes:

  1. Manage Your Service (MYS) application; or
  2. SNAP survey tool (as used for previous declarations).

Pharmacy teams should check with their business owner or head office which route they should use to make a declaration before completing the MYS registration form.

1. Manage Your Service application

The MYS application provides added benefits over the SNAP survey tool. This includes the ability to provide contractors, at the time of making their declaration, with confirmation that their pharmacy has been assessed against national datasets as either meeting or not meeting the gateway criteria. This means if contractors have not met the five gateway criteria, they have the opportunity to take corrective action before they make their declaration.

There are also longer-term benefits of MYS outside of the Quality Payments Scheme; further information can be found here.

If contractors choose to use this option, they are encouraged to register with the MYS application as soon as possible, to ensure the registration process is complete before the declaration period. Information on how to register is included within the email being distributed by the NHS BSA.

2. SNAP survey tool

The SNAP survey tool will be available as an alternative option similar to previous Quality Payment Scheme declarations. If contractors decide to use this option, verification of the gateway criteria cannot be confirmed in real time, as in MYS, thus reducing the possible time for corrective action.

Contractors will however be able to check the status of their compliance with the gateway criteria by accessing a spreadsheet which will be published shortly by the NHS BSA (this spreadsheet will not contain confirmation on compliance with the Warranted Environment Specification gateway criterion, but that will be separately confirmed to contractors via an email which will be sent by the NHS BSA).

Contractors will have their gateway criteria verification confirmed by email within a week of their SNAP submission.

The QPS declaration within the MYS application and the SNAP survey tool will both open for declarations for the 15th February 2019 review point on Monday 4th February 2019 at 9am and will close on Friday 1st March 2019 at 11.59pm.

*NHS BSA will send an email today to pharmacy shared NHSmail accounts detailing the two processes, which will also explain how to register for MYS.

Pharmacy teams that work for an organisation that are part of the Company Chemists’ Association or the Association of Independent Multiples pharmacies will not receive this email to the pharmacy shared NHSmail account; head office teams will therefore provide guidance in due course on the process they want pharmacy teams to follow for completing declarations for the February 2019 review point.

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