[Update] Urgent action required: have you correctly updated your NHS Choices profile?


[Update] Urgent action required: have you correctly updated your NHS Choices profile?

June 29, 2018

Thousands of contractors have already updated their pharmacy’s profile on NHS Choices, in readiness for the review point on 29th June 2018 of the Quality Payments Scheme. However, last week’s data from NHS Digital shows that hundreds of contractors who have already edited their profile in the last few weeks, are not currently meeting the requirements of the gateway criterion, because they have not edited or validated all three sections.

NHS Digital data, up to 27th June 2018 shows that:

  • 242 have only validated two sections of their NHS Choices profile;
  • 124 have only validated one section of their NHS Choices profile; and
  • 421 have not validated any sections of their NHS Choices profile.

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) has published a spreadsheet with a list of contractors and how many sections of their NHS Choices profiles they have updated and/or validated available here under the ‘Guidance & Useful Information’ section.

Please note, this spreadsheet currently excludes Boots pharmacies due to a technical issue which is being resolved.

Contractors are required to edit or validate THREE sections of their NHS Choices profile to meet the gateway criterion even if there are no changes to make to the information on their profile. The three sections are:

  • their opening hours including Bank Holiday opening hours;
  • the facilities the pharmacy provides; and
  • the services the pharmacy provides.

Contractors who plan to declare to the NHS BSA that they are offering either Medicines Use Reviews or the New Medicine Service or both services under the Advanced Services gateway criterion must also ensure that the service is visible on their NHS Choices profile.

A User Guide for managing NHS Choices profiles to support the Quality Payments Scheme is available on the NHS Choices website.

Distance selling pharmacies do not, currently, have full NHS Choices profiles, so DSPs are required to:

  1. Check the name of their pharmacy on NHS Choices – it must be the trading name rather than the registered company name (unless the registered company name is the same as the trading name).
  2. Check the address, telephone number and website URL on their profile.
  3. Check the provision of EPS is correctly indicated on their profile.
  4. Email the NHS Choices service desk (nhschoicesservicedesk@nhs.net), including “QPSJUNEREVIEW” and the pharmacy ODS code in the subject line, and confirming in the body of the email that the current information is correct or providing the correct information by 11:59pm on 29th June 2018.

If you require any support, please contact the PSNC Services Team or your LPC.

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