Regs explainer (#4): Updating DoS profiles


Regs explainer (#4): Updating DoS profiles

November 4, 2020

On 20th October 2020 new NHS regulations were laid to introduce changes to the Terms of Service for pharmacy contractors. Some of these changes relate to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but most are changes which were previously agreed as part of the 5-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) and were originally planned to be introduced in July 2020.

This article is one of a series, explaining what the changes mean for pharmacy contractors and their teams.

This change applies from:

9th November 2020

What is the new requirement?

Pharmacy contractors must ensure there is a comprehensive and accurate profile for their pharmacy in the Directory of Services (DoS). Contractors must also ensure they verify and, where necessary, update the information contained in DoS at least once each quarter of the financial year. The financial quarters are:

  • 1st April to 30th June
  • 1st July to 30th September
  • 1st October to 31st December
  • 1st January to 31st March

The first verification and update must therefore be undertaken by 31st December 2020 and must include any changes to the pharmacy’s opening hours over the Christmas period.

Most contractors are already used to checking and updating their DoS profiles, as this was previously a requirement of the Pharmacy Quality Scheme.

Contractors are able to search and update their DoS profiles using the DoS Profile Updater. As all DoS profiles should contain the ODS code contractors should search by ODS code or postcode to ensure all of their service profiles are included on the DoS.

Contractors must ensure they update their DoS profile where the pharmacy’s opening hours change, either temporarily or permanently. Contractors must also ensure they include their opening hours on Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday within their DoS profiles.

Where can I get more support on this?

Further guidance on how to access and use the DoS Profile Update can be found on PSNC’s DoS webpage.

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