Reminder: End of HUHY campaign and commencement of Dry January

Reminder: End of HUHY campaign and commencement of Dry January

December 31, 2019

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded that the Help Us Help You (HUHY) campaign, which contractors have been participating in since 11th November 2019, ends today (31st December 2019). Contractors will, therefore, be required to change their promotional materials on the first day the pharmacy opens for business in January 2020 and participate in the Dry January campaign until 31st January 2020.

The Dry January campaign is one of the six campaigns, which have been agreed between PSNC and NHS England and NHS Improvement, as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework; therefore, all contractors must participate in the campaign.

Resources for the Dry January campaign should be delivered to community pharmacies (please see section below on distance selling pharmacies (DSPs)) today, via courier.

The campaign materials that must be displayed as part of the public health campaign are Dry January calendars, which can be provided to patients to tick off their dry days and provide information on the benefits of a month off alcohol. Contractors are not required to display posters as part of the contractual requirement to participate in this campaign but they are encouraged to also use digital resources that can be used on social media, email, screens etc.

Contractors can also sign up for more information about Dry January on the Alcohol Change UK website.

If a contractor has not received their calendars by the first day their pharmacy opens for business in 2020 they should email: stating the pharmacy name, F-code, address and name of the campaign they have not received materials for.

Distance selling pharmacies

Due to logistical challenges the Dry January calendars are not being delivered to DSPs. DSPs are therefore expected to use the digital resources highlighted above, to participate in the Dry January campaign. However, if a DSP would like to receive the Dry January calendars, they can make a request, using the email address above, to receive these materials.

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