SCR 1-click integration now rolled out to PMR system

SCR 1-click integration now rolled out to PMR system

July 28, 2020

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians using the Cegedim Pharmacy Manager PMR system can now access additional patient information, following the integration of the software with the NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) service.

Pharmacy professionals logged in with their Smartcard can click straight through to a selected patient’s SCR without having to log into the NHS portal separately and completing a manual search. Quicker access to SCR – which provides a full picture of a patient’s health and medication history – allows pharmacies to provide improved patient care and view critical information, such as the COVID-19 shielded flag.

Commenting on the development, Steve Bradley, Group Managing Director, Cegedim UK, said:

“Integration with the SCR positively contributes to patient safety, efficiency and effectiveness, which are three tenets of service delivery. By having a patient’s record accessible from the PMR, not only can pharmacists mitigate the risk of prescribing errors and patient misidentification, but they can also save time, which opens up opportunities for value-added services.”

Pharmacist Tom Bisset from Ward Green Pharmacy in Barnsley, explained that:

“Having speedy access to the SCR is helping the service we can provide to patients and reducing the need to log into a separate portal to access the SCR or the need to telephone the GP practice.”

Cegedim’s Pharmacy Manager is the first PMR system to integrate with the NHS SCR, which has previously been added to the Sonar and PharmOutcomes pharmacy clinical systems.

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