Seasonal flu vaccination reminder for pharmacy teams

Seasonal flu vaccination reminder for pharmacy teams

November 25, 2019

The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Dr Keith Ridge, has written a letter to encourage pharmacy teams in direct contact with the public to be vaccinated against influenza this winter.

In a letter to pharmacy bodies, Dr Ridge, said “Influenza immunisation remains the most effective method to help protect against influenza infection. By being immunised, pharmacy professionals and their teams in patients facing roles can not only help protect themselves from flu during the busy winter months, but also reduce the risk of transmission to vulnerable patients with whom they have contact. We have a professional responsibility to do everything possible to protect vulnerable individuals against infection.”

Last year, figures show that 70.3% of frontline health care workers were vaccinated against flu, compared to 68.7% in 2017/18. In the letter, Dr Ridge stresses that this is a significant achievement, but he would like to see more frontline pharmacy staff in other sectors, for example, in community pharmacies, GP practices, urgent care centres, Primary Care Networks and care homes being vaccinated during the 2019/20 season.

Letter from Keith Ridge

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are pharmacy team members an eligible group for flu vaccination within the community pharmacy Advanced Flu Vaccination Service?
A. No. Employers may wish to offer pharmacy staff flu vaccinations as part of their occupational health arrangements, but this cannot be undertaken as part of the Advanced Service. If a pharmacy team member is eligible for an NHS flu vaccination and falls into one of the eligible patient groups for the Advanced Service, they would be able to use the service at the pharmacy.

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