Share your views on new dm+d browsers

Share your views on new dm+d browsers

January 7, 2021

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) is collecting feedback before the full launch of its new NHSBSA Dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) browser. Feedback from pharmacy teams and other users will help NHSBSA to improve their dm+d browser.

The dm+d is the NHS standard dictionary for medicines licensed in the UK. NHSBSA and others such as OpenPrescribing have made free dm+d viewers available for pharmacy teams and others to access dm+d information. The new NHSBSA dm+d browser is in testing mode (known as ‘beta’ mode). Pharmacy teams will still have access to other free dm+d browsers:

What is new with NHSBSA’s new dm+d browser?

All dm+d browsers enable searching of products by generic (virtual medicinal product, VMP) or brand (actual medicinal product, AMP) name, or by supplier name. The new browser includes the following updated features:

  • enhanced search functionality by product codes
  • display of product barcodes
  • compatibility with different devices including smartphones; and
  • additional invalid and discontinued product information.


If you’ve tested the new NHSBSA dm+d browser and wish to suggest further improvements please email NHSBSA at:

Feed back about the OpenPrescribing dm+d viewer can be sent to

Top tip: Keep your bookmarks up-to-date. If you use the old NHSBSA dm+d browser you may now bookmark the new one in your favourites instead. You’ll need to update the favourites link to: You can also try out the alternative OpenPrescribing dm+d viewer.

PSNC has also shared feedback to NHSBSA and OpenPrescribing about their browsers and future developments.

Other and further information


dm+d factsheet


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