Shortage of Valproate (Epilim and Depakote) Preparations

Shortage of Valproate (Epilim and Depakote) Preparations

February 21, 2019

Sanofi have issued a statement regarding the supply of all their valproate preparations (Epilim and Depakote)

Temporary disruption is expected until mid-March 2019, this is due to temporary disruption at a Sanofi manufacturing site, leading to lower stock levels than usual.

Additionally, following a request from the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA),  pack sizes of valproate have been changed from 100 to 30 tablets. Therefore, the packs of 100 may appear as “unavailable” on ordering systems and the packs of 30 should be selected instead.

Community pharmacy teams are recommended to check the pack size of the product being ordered, and if experiencing any difficulty in obtaining stock to contact the Sanofi customer service team on 01483 505515 so they can assist and help resolve the issue. If stock isn’t available, you may need to contact the prescriber for an alternative preparation.

In its statement Sanofi has added that “Patients may find that their normal tablet or granule preparation is substituted by their doctor for a liquid or syrup preparation of valproate and vice versa. This may result in a change to the frequency of dosing, but it is important that patients continue taking their medication and any changes are discussed with their doctor.”

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