Supply Disruption Alert: Emerade 500 microgram and 300 microgram adrenaline auto-injector devices

Supply Disruption Alert: Emerade 500 microgram and 300 microgram adrenaline auto-injector devices

August 1, 2019

Emerade 500 microgram and 300 microgram devices, manufactured by Bausch & Lomb UK, are experiencing a short-term disruption in supply:

Emerade 500 microgram – out of stock until the 28th of August.
Emerade 300 microgram – limited supplies available and will be out of stock from early-mid August with further supplies expected by the end of September.

The Supply Disruption Alert (SDA/2019/004) issued by DHSC states

‘In the UK there are two alternative AAI devices available, EpiPen, supplied by Mylan and Jext, supplied by ALK. However, neither of these companies supply a 500 microgram strength AAI. Both companies manufacture 300 microgram AAI pens. Both companies are aware of the supply disruptions affecting Emerade 500microgram and 300 microgram AAIs.

Both Jext and EpiPen AAIs are currently available, however, supplies of Jext are unlikely to be sufficient to support a significant switch to this product and therefore where there is no patient / clinician preference EpiPen should be considered as the first line alternative.

The advice from national experts is, in the absence of Emerade 500 microgram, affected patients should be prescribed 300 microgram AAIs and advised to keep at least two pens with them at all times.

To ensure that patients are able to maintain access to supplies of 300 microgram devices throughout this time we have asked Mylan to continue with their prescription validation process for pharmacies to order supplies of EpiPen 300 microgram. Further details are available at:

Supplies of all 150 microgram devices (Emerade, Jext and EpiPen) are unaffected and remain available in volumes to support normal demand.

Send enquiries about this notice to the DH Supply Resilience Team quoting reference number SDA/2019/004.

To receive Supply Disruption Alerts directly from the Department of Health’s Central Alerting System (CAS) email: .

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