Supply Notice – Ranitidine all oral formulations

Supply Notice – Ranitidine all oral formulations

October 15, 2019

All oral formulations of Ranitidine are anticipated to be out of stock, with no date for resupply until further notice.

The following oral presentations of Ranitidine are affected:

  • Ranitidine 75mg, 150mg and 300mg tablets
  • Ranitidine 150mg and 300mg effervescent tablets
  • Ranitidine 150mg/5ml oral solution
  • Ranitidine 75mg/5ml oral solution

The Supply Disruption Alert (SDA/2019/005) issued by DHSC states:


All healthcare professionals in primary, secondary or specialist healthcare services who prescribe or dispense ranitidine, should for:

Licensed use for gastrointestinal conditions

  • Identify current patients prescribed ranitidine tablets, effervescent tablets and oral solutions, and:
    • Review to establish if ongoing treatment is still required.
    • If ongoing treatment is still required, then consider switching to an alternative treatment (see table below).

Please note:

  • It is recommended that omeprazole is the first-choice proton pump inhibitor (PPI) where clinically appropriate, as there are currently sufficient supplies to manage an increase in demand.
  • It is recommended that patients are not switched to alternative H2-receptor antagonists in the first instance as this may exacerbate a shortage of these products. Sufficient supplies will continue to be available to meet current demand.

Specialist indications

  • Consult specialist clinicians who use ranitidine to identify circumstances when ranitidine cannot be substituted with clinical alternatives.
  • Reserve any remaining supplies of oral ranitidine for circumstances where specialists consider there are no clinically appropriate alternatives.

Prescribers should work in close collaboration with their pharmacists to understand which clinical alternatives are available.

Send enquiries about this notice to the DH Supply Resilience Team quoting reference number SDA/2019/005.

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