Two-way PMR and clinical system integration rolled out

Two-way PMR and clinical system integration rolled out

September 22, 2020

Interoperability between IT systems is something modern consumers now demand in their day to day lives and pharmacy team members are no different, with integration between different pharmacy systems being a highly desired feature identified in responses to surveys undertaken by the Community Pharmacy IT Group (CP ITG).

Pharmacy IT suppliers have been developing their systems over the last couple of years to allow them to integrate core community pharmacy systems with others, such as the NHS Business Services Authority’s Real-Time Exemption Checking (RTEC) database, used to check the prescription charge exemption status of a patient. Suppliers have also been working to develop integration between PMR systems and web-based clinical systems, such as PharmOutcomes and Sonar Informatics.

One such development is now being experienced by pharmacy teams using the EMIS ProScript Connect PMR system and PharmOutcomes, with information input by the pharmacy team automatically flowing between both of those systems.

This innovative two-way integration is enabling pharmacists to provide the NHS flu vaccination service without switching between ProScript Connect and PharmOutcomes during consultations. After the vaccine is administered, the product can be pre-populated in the patient’s PMR record, based on the consultation data entered into PharmOutcomes. This system integration:

  • reduces the need for duplicate data entry;
  • reduces the risk of typing errors; and
  • improves the processing of payments for commissioned services.

During the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the integration between the two systems also made the process of identifying Shielded patients within the PMR system easier, pulling data from the NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) shielded patient flag via PharmOutcomes one-click SCR functionality.

Commenting on the integration between the two systems, Mike Patel, superintendent pharmacist in South London and ProScript Connect user said:

“It has been beneficial for identifying shielded patients, it’s been a lot simpler. We didn’t have to waste time checking which ones were shielding, because we could see at a glance. You are not scrolling from page to page to find the additional information you need.”

The Positive Solutions Analyst PMR system was the first to implement one-way integration with the PharmOutcomes web-based clinical system.

Note: PSNC does not endorse the products of individual suppliers. Other PMR suppliers may be working on similar functionality. AAH’s Proscript Connect might not yet have this functionality.


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