Upcoming deadline: Data Security and Protection Toolkit


Upcoming deadline: Data Security and Protection Toolkit

September 24, 2020

Whilst approximately three-quarters of pharmacies have already completed the Data Security and Protection Toolkit, those contractors who have not yet done so are reminded that this must be completed by 30th September 2020.

The deadline for completing the Toolkit, which is used to make a pharmacy’s information governance (IG) declaration, was extended from the usual 31st March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PSNC worked closely with NHS Digital to keep the data security protections appropriate but the workload manageable particularly given the ongoing pandemic and relating work. In particular, the Toolkit will show the answers submitted by the pharmacy last year for many questions, allowing the contractor to simply check the information is still accurate and adjust if needed.

Other key differences for this year’s Toolkit include:

  • A small number of new mandatory questions;
  • Improvements to the wording for more than half of questions;
  • Simplification of some questions following recommendations from PSNC and others; and
  • an improved headquarters (HQ) batch submission feature enabling contractors with three or more pharmacies to more easily complete one submission for all their pharmacies.*

As was the case during past years, many contractors will also have access to information from their PMR system suppliers to help answer around 14 technical questions and, any contractor that has reviewed their templates in PSNC’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Workbook, can simply confirm this within the Toolkit’s Organisation Profile webpage and around half of the questions will be auto-completed.

*Contractors with three or more pharmacies are recommended to check that the list of pharmacies associated with their HQ code is correct so that issues can be rectified. See Batch submission guidance below.

PSNC guidance

PSNC has produced comprehensive guidance to assist contractors in completing the Toolkit. This has been available to contractors since December 2019.

Next steps for contractors which have not already made their submission

PSNC recommends that contractors log in, and use our guidance documents, starting with the Toolkit completion: Overview: Five steps guide, and fill the Toolkit, and publish their submission.

Please note that all questions marked as mandatory must be completed to meet the minimum IG requirements as part of a pharmacy’s NHS Terms of Service.

PMR suppliers may also be providing some updated information against the updated technical questions.


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