Update on primary care efforts to ensure representation on ICS

Update on primary care efforts to ensure representation on ICS

December 20, 2021

PSNC continues to work with other primary care professions to ensure that pharmacy and the other primary care contractors have appropriate representation within new NHS structures

We are working closely with the British Dental Association, British Medical Association, Optometric Fees Negotiating Committee and National Community Hearing Association, seeking amendments to the Health and Care Bill.

The Bill is continuing its passage through Parliament and recently completed its committee stage in the House of Commons during which we briefed a number of Members of Parliament. It has now progressed to the House of Lords and completed its second reading on Tuesday 7th December. Our joint briefing for members of the House of Lords can be found here.

Our keys asks remain the same, to ensure that:

  • Primary care is represented and involved in decision-making at all levels of the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) through formalised roles;
  • These roles are remunerated to ensure parity of availability and voice with NHS Trusts, NHS staff, social care and public health colleagues;
  • Existing statutory Local Representative Committees (such as LPCs) have the right put forward nominations for those roles; and
  • ICBs and Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) are required to publicly explain when they choose not to heed advice from local primary care bodies.

We are now working with our primary care allies in the House of Lords to build support for two amendments tabled by Lord Hunt.

The first amendment, in line with our key asks, proposes that primary care professions would have mandated roles within Integrated Care Partnerships.

The second amendment would ensure that in preparing their annual strategic forward plan, the Integrated Care Board and its partner NHS trusts, and NHS foundation trusts would need to consult the relevant primary care Local Representative Committees and publish an explanation of how they took account of those views when publishing their plan.

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