Updated NHS Identity Guidelines: NHS logo use by pharmacies

Updated NHS Identity Guidelines: NHS logo use by pharmacies

February 13, 2017

NHS England has updated its guidelines on the use of the NHS Identity, including revised guidance for all primary care contractors who are commissioned under a primary care contract such as community pharmacy contractors. The updated guidelines include information on the use of the NHS logo, which is a registered trademark protected by copyright.

Contractors who choose to use the NHS Identity must ensure that the revised guidance is adhered to and the new guidance includes a range of best practice examples demonstrating the correct use of the NHS Identity on various materials and in digital applications. 

NHS England has advised that implementation of the updated NHS Identity guidelines should be gradual; existing offline materials should continue to be used until they need to be replenished or replaced. Contractors are, however, advised that they should aim to update existing digital channels, such as websites and social media accounts by January 2018.

A PSNC Briefing has been published summarising the main changes to the NHS Identity guidelines.

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