Chief Executive’s blog: August 2018

Chief Executive’s blog: August 2018

“We are working collaboratively to get the best outcomes for pharmacies and patients”

By PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes

Welcome to my first blog.

On arriving as CEO of PSNC, I set myself three priorities that are crucial to my role in negotiating on behalf of community pharmacy:

  1. to speak to every PSNC Committee Member and visit as many community pharmacies and LPCs as my diary would allow to listen to the challenges being faced on the front line;
  2. to rebuild the relationship with HM Government in preparation for a new round of negotiations later in the year; and
  3. to reach out to, and work more closely with, the CEOs of the NPA, CCA, AIM, RPS and PDA to explore new opportunities for the sector.

I am pleased to say that all three are well underway, and I will talk about my strategic plans in future blogs.

As someone new to the world of community pharmacy, I also have two immediate observations.

Aside from the very difficult economic situation for many community pharmacies, there’s a lot going on in the outside world too: we have a new Secretary of State with a clear digital agenda which will bring challenges and opportunities; we still have the outcome of the Judicial Review appeal hanging over us; there’s a raft of legislation slowly making its way through Parliament which will impact pharmacy (Healthcare (Local Accountability) and Local Health Scrutiny Bills, as well as the NHS Bill); and of course there’s Brexit.

PSNC has an increasingly important role to play in strategic influencing to ensure that these external factors have a positive impact on pharmacies. We are engaging with HM Government on many fronts to represent all aspects of community pharmacy in England – from discussing the implications of Brexit on medicines supply to the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) to the NHS Long Term Plan. We are at the table on all these issues and we are working collaboratively with the Government as well as other pharmacy groups to get the best outcomes for pharmacies and your patients.

Which leads me on to the second observation. PSNC needs to do more to communicate better with community pharmacy, and you will notice a number of initiatives over the coming weeks aimed at addressing this, including this blog. Your day-to-day dealings with patients and suppliers, NHS/CCG/STPs and other healthcare providers can seem miles away from the strategy, lobbying and negotiating of PSNC, and I want to make community pharmacy better informed about what we are doing on your behalf. The quid pro quo is that we need to hear your views too: through the Committee itself, via LPCs or directly to me at:

There is much important work to be done, but I look forward to updating you on our progress.

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