Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP)

Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP)

Community pharmacy contractors passing the gateway criteria will receive a payment for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme if they meet one or more of the domains. The prevention domain consists of five quality criteria, one of which is that on the day of their declaration (which must be done between 3rd February 2020 and 28th February 2020):

‘The pharmacy is a Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1 (self-assessment)’.

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NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance

How to achieve this quality criterion (includes PSNC resources)

An overview of how to achieve this quality criterion can be found in PSNC Briefing 033/19: Quality Payments – How to achieve the Healthy Living Pharmacy quality criterion (August 2019). Further information is also available on the HLP page on the PSNC website.

HLP accreditation is now valid for three years. Contractors who are currently an HLP Level 1 are encouraged to check the date when they were accredited as an HLP Level 1 to see if they need to start the process of re-accreditation to ensure they will still be accredited for the date of their PQS declaration in February 2020. Contractors who are not currently HLP Level 1 are encouraged to start the process of accreditation as soon as possible to again ensure they meet this deadline.

Pharmacies becoming Healthy Living Pharmacies for the first time – Beware of time delays

Contractors should be aware that when members of staff complete the RSPH Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement course, which is provided by several national and local organisations, it may take a few weeks after completion of the assessment before staff members receive their certificate from the course provider (RSPH return certificates to the course provider and aim to do that within 10 working days).

Contractors are therefore advised to consider this time frame when planning how long it will take to achieve HLP Level 1 to ensure this ‘processing time’ does not prevent contractors from achieving the HLP quality criterion.


FAQs on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme can be found on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme – FAQs page.

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