Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Provision of one specified Advanced Service

Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Provision of one specified Advanced Service

To be eligible to collect the points necessary to claim a payment for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme, community pharmacy contractors must meet four gateway criteria, one of which is that on the day of their declaration (which must be done between 3rd February 2020 and 28th February 2020):

‘The contractor must be offering at the pharmacy the New Medicine Service (NMS) and/or the NHS community pharmacy seasonal influenza vaccination service’.

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NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance

How to achieve this gateway criterion

Community pharmacies must be satisfactorily complying with their obligations under Schedule 4 to the Pharmaceutical Services Regulations (terms of service of NHS pharmacists) in respect of the provision of Essential Services and in respect of an acceptable system of clinical governance to be able to deliver any Advanced Service.

Does your pharmacy provide NMS or the Flu Vaccination Service? If not, could you start to provide one of those services?

Providing NMS

Providing the Flu Vaccination Service

If a contractor is declaring that they provide NMS and/or the Flu Vaccination Service at the pharmacy to meet the Advanced Services gateway criterion, they should ensure that either or both of these services are listed on their NHS website (NHS.UK) profile. 

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