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Published on: 22nd July 2013 | Updated on: 16th March 2022

The Heart of our Community logo has been produced to visually represent a number of PSNC’s key messages:

  • That pharmacies are highly trusted providers at the heart of the communities where people live and work;
  • That pharmacies are highly accessible (99% of people in England can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes) and offer free and confidential health advice without the need for an appointment;
  • That as pharmacists and their teams provide a wider range of clinical and wellbeing services (including weight management, stop smoking, substance misuse programmes, sexual health testing and NHS Health Checks) pharmacies are moving ever closer to becoming ‘healthy living centres’, catering for the broad public health needs of the whole community.

Using the logo

The Heart of our Community logo is a registered trade mark owned by PSNC.

  • The Heart of our Community logo has been designed to promote community pharmacy and its pivotal role in helping to manage the nation’s health and wellbeing.
  • PSNC is keen for LPCs and individual pharmacies to use the logo and we recommend that you use the Heart of our Community logo on leaflets, signage, posters and any other materials which promote your pharmacy and the benefits of community pharmacy in general.
  • If you would like to make any changes to the logo or use it in a way different to the above recommendations, then please contact PSNC’s communications team.
  • Any use other than to promote community pharmacy and its services must be cleared by PSNC first.
  • For information on colours used, dimensions etc. please contact PSNC’s office.


Use the links below to download different versions of the logo:

Colour logo

Colour logo (high resolution)

Colour logo (EPS format)

Greyscale logo (for black and white printing)

Greyscale logo (EPS format)

For more information on this topic please email commsteam@psnc.org.uk

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