About PSNC

About PSNC

PSNC promotes and supports the interests of all NHS community pharmacies in England. We are recognised by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care as the body that represents NHS pharmacy contractors. We work closely with Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) to support their role as the local NHS representative organisations.

Our goal is to develop the NHS community pharmacy service, to enable community pharmacies to offer an increased range of high quality and fully funded services that meet the needs of their local communities and provide value and good health outcomes for the NHS and the public.

We work with NHS England and other NHS bodies, and with the Department of Health and Social Care, to promote opportunities for the development of community pharmacy services, and negotiate the contractual terms for the provision of NHS community pharmacy services.

PSNC works closely with its sister body Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW) which represents community pharmacy contractors in Wales. At present most of the English national pharmacy contract negotiated by PSNC is adopted by the Welsh Assembly Government, but where Welsh contractual arrangements differ from those in England, CPW negotiates on behalf of its contractors.

PSNC also operates the Prescription Audit Centre (PAC) which checks a percentage of all prescriptions sent to NHS Prescription Services and identifies any errors in pricing.

PSNC last reviewed its structures and made changes to its composition in 2010.

PSNC Structure

PSNC is an association whose functions and procedures are set out in a Constitution and Rules.

With effect from 1 April 2010 the PSNC has 32 members on its main committee:

Plus a non-executive chair.

There are six sub-committees:

  • Funding and Contract;
  • Legislation and Regulatory Affairs;
  • LPC and Contractor Support;
  • Resource Development and Finance;
  • Service Development; and
  • Communications and Public Affairs.

PSNC Subcommittee Remits (revised May 2018)

All members of PSNC adhere to corporate governance principles adopted by the Committee in April 2003. Members are also required to adhere to a Code of Conduct.

Governance Papers

PSNC Annual Report

PSNC’s latest annual report sets out the work it did on behalf of community pharmacy contractors in 2020/21.

View the digital report and watch the animations

To view the report on your computer:

Download/print a copy of the Report (PDF version)

Complaints about PSNC

Concerns and issues about PSNC or its work may be raised in a variety of ways. Formal complaints or concerns from a contractor may be raised through the PSNC member who represents the contractor (i.e. the member they have appointed or elected), or through the contractors’ LPC. Complaints from contractors, LPCs or from anyone else, including patients, may also be raised with any PSNC member including subcommittee Chairs; or directly with the Chief Executive, staff members or the Chair of PSNC. Anyone can raise a complaint about PSNC by emailing: complaints@psnc.org.uk. Complaints sent to this e-mail address are considered by the Chair of the Review and Audit Panel or by the Chief Executive, as appropriate.

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