PSNC staff

PSNC staff

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Chief Executive

Simon Dukes, Chief Executive Officer
Role: Simon joined PSNC in May 2018.  As CEO he is the principal advisor to the PSNC committee, and is responsible and accountable for all operational dimensions of the organisation.  These include the planning and shaping of NHS services provided by the network of community pharmacies in England, as well as negotiating funding from HM Government.
Background: With over two decades working in the UK public sector, Simon has experience in a number of roles and specialisms including defence and security policy, public affairs, media and communications strategy, negotiation, counter-terrorism,  serious and organised crime investigations, and cyber security. In 2013 he left HM Government to become the CEO of the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, Cifas.  He was also on the Oversight Board of the Home Secretary’s Joint Fraud Task Force, and the Management Board of the Joint Money Laundering Intelligence Task Force.

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Admin Team

Shine Daley2Shiné Brownsell, Office Manager
Direct dial: 0203 1220 812
Role: Shiné started working at PSNC in May 2012. In her capacity as Office Manager she performs all administrative tasks for the daily business operation of the organisation. Her duties include providing administration support for the Chief Executive, organising key events and providing secretarial services for PSNC Meetings.

Gabriele Skieriute, Deputy Office Manager 
Direct Dial: 0203 1220 820

Pharmacy Funding Team (including Dispensing & Supply Team)

The work of the Pharmacy Funding Team includes supporting negotiation of funding for contractors and monitoring funding delivery, including margin surveys policy and analysis. The team also provides support to LPCs on funding matters.

Mike Dent2Mike Dent, Director of Pharmacy Funding
Direct dial: 
0203 1220 819
Mike has worked for PSNC since 2004. His main focus is on the level and distribution of funding for contractors and related projects such as margins surveys and cost inquiries.
Background: Prior to this Mike worked in strategy and finance for Boots.  He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and has a degree in Economics from Cambridge.

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Jack Cresswell2Jack Cresswell, Funding Strategy Manager
Direct dial: 
0203 1220 817
Jack joined PSNC in 2007. He joined the funding team in 2012, having previously been in the Information Team and prior to that the Margin Survey Team.

Rob Thomas, Funding Delivery Manager
Direct dial: 0203 1220 815
Rob joined PSNC in 2019. He is currently supporting PSNC’s work on the national negotiations and payment processes.
Background: Prior to this Rob worked in funding and strategy roles for Lloyds Pharmacy. He is a Chartered Accountant, having trained with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Michael Digby, Margins Lead
Direct dial: 
0208 362 3236
Michael’s main areas of responsibility are producing statistics on all areas of pharmacy funding and answering funding related queries from contractors.
 Michael joined PSNC in 2012, working in the Margins Survey Team for three years before joining the funding team in May 2015.

Suraj Shah, Drug Tariff and Reimbursement Manager
Direct dial: 0203 1220 838
Role: Suraj joined PSNC in 2018. His main areas of responsibility relate to the developments to the Drug Tariff, changes in the supply chain and supply shortages, and the review of pricing arrangements for specific categories of medicines or appliances.
Background: Suraj is a pharmacist and has worked in both hospital and community pharmacy sectors before joining PSNC. His previous role was with the National Pharmacy Association as a Pharmacy Services Operations Manager within their Pharmacy Services Team. Before that role he worked in the NPA Information department as an Information Pharmacist and then as a Team Leader.

Dispensing and Supply Team

The Dispensing and Supply Team provide support to pharmacy contractors on the Drug Tariff, including Part VIII Usual Proposals, the Discount not Deducted List, Special Containers & Calendar Packs, Part IX Appliance Issues, and stock shortages & Concession Pricing.

Mitesh BhudiaMitesh Bhudia, Dispensing and Supply Team Supervisor
0203 1220 810 (Option 1)
Mitesh joined PSNC in 2014. He manages the Dispensing and Supply Team.
Background: Mitesh has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and also completed his Dispensing Assistant (Level 2) training in 2015.

Gemma HackettGemma Hackett, Dispensing and Supply Officer
Gemma joined the PSNC in 2014. As part of the Dispensing and Supply team (DST) Gemma assists pharmacy teams with a wide range of queries such as medicine and appliance issues/queries, discount not deducted, endorsement and reimbursement queries.
As well as providing support to contractors and pharmacy teams Gemma is our lead on the Drug Tariff Part VIII Usual Proposals. Gemma co-ordinates the Dispensing and Supply Team communications and content for the Dispensing and Supply section of the website and monthly Community Pharmacy News.
Background: Gemma has a pharmacy background with 12 years’ experience as a dispenser in community pharmacy.

Sarah Welbourne, Dispensing and Supply Officer
Role: Sarah joined PSNC in 2017. She works within our Dispensing and Supply team dealing with contractor queries and pricing issues. Sarah is our lead on price concessions, branded medicine shortages and appliance issues/queries.
Background: Sarah has vast knowledge of pharmacy having worked in the sector for over 20 years. Most recently Sarah was the Dispensary Manager within a dispensing doctors. Sarah has also worked in an independent community pharmacy and for multiples.

Pricing Audit Centre
PSNC’s Pricing Audit Centre Team undertakes audits of the pricing of NHS prescriptions to assess the accuracy of the Pricing Authority and audits the margins surveys, which are undertaken by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care.

The five members of the team are: Janine Rowe, Jytte Bishop, Joyce Patterson, Rekhaben Darji and Ciara Clifford. Between them they have over 40 years of experience in checking the accuracy of prescriptions’ pricing. Their work is vital task in protecting contractors’ income and, in turn, forms a core part of PSNC’s role in ensuring that funding is delivered in full and fairly to contractors.

NHS Services Team

The work of the NHS Services Team includes policy and support on community pharmacy services, pharmacy IT, and workforce and education. This includes supporting LPCs and contractors with the development, commissioning and implementation of community pharmacy services. The team also undertakes PSNC’s monitoring of the wider NHS and healthcare policy environment. The team can be contacted using

Alastair BuxtonAlastair Buxton, Director of NHS Services 
Direct dial: 0203 1220 825
Role: Alastair joined PSNC in November 2002 as Head of NHS Services, with responsibility for policy on national community pharmacy services. In May 2015 he became Director of NHS Services, leading a team covering policy and support on locally and nationally commissioned community pharmacy services, monitoring of the wider NHS and healthcare policy environment  and community pharmacy and internal PSNC IT.
Alastair is a member of PSNC’s negotiating team and regularly works with colleagues at NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care on matters relating to his policy responsibilities.
Background: Alastair qualified as a pharmacist in 1994 and worked in community pharmacies in Shropshire for 8 years. In 2012 Alastair was designated a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for distinction in the pharmacy profession.

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Rosie TaylorRosie Taylor, Head of Service Development 
Direct dial: 0203 1220 828
Role: Rosie joined PSNC in 2014 as Pharmacy and NHS Policy Officer, working to support LPCs and contractors with service development. In December 2015 she became Head of Service Development. Rosie leads PSNC’s work on collating information on community pharmacy services and works on the development of local and national NHS pharmacy services. She also identifies and analyses health and care policy developments relevant to community pharmacy to support ongoing service development.
Background: Rosie qualified as a pharmacist in 2004 and initially worked for Rowlands Pharmacy for 7 years in various positions including working as a Pharmacist Manager and as the Professional Standards Pharmacist in the Superintendent’s Office. While working at Rowlands, Rosie was also a member of Wirral LPC. Prior to joining PSNC, she worked at the National Pharmacy Association as an Advice and Support Pharmacist in the Pharmacy Services Team.

David Onuoha, Service Development Manager
Direct dial: 0203 1220 834
Role: David joined PSNC in April 2020 as Service Development Manager, working to support the development of local and national NHS pharmacy services. David is responsible for analysing health and care policy developments relevant to community pharmacy and managing the maintenance and use of PSNC’s knowledgebase of community pharmacy services. In time his role will also expand to include supporting LPCs with local service development.
Background: David qualified as a pharmacist in 1999 and has worked for Boots UK for 21 years in various positions including Pharmacy and Store Management, Area Management, Deployment planning, as a Healthcare Development Manager and a Regional Pharmacy Manager. While working at Boots, David has been a member of several LPCs including 11 years with Kent LPC where he was also Chair for the last 3 years.

Daniel Ah-ThionDaniel Ah-Thion, Community Pharmacy IT Lead
Direct dial: 0203 1220 816
Role: Daniel joined PSNC in 2011. He leads for PSNC on NHS IT including the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), and therefore deals with relevant policy, liaises with relevant stakeholders, and provides information for LPCs and contractors on the subject.

Caline Umutesi, Service Development Officer
Direct Dial:
Caline joined PSNC in 2017. Caline’s main areas of responsibility are supporting the development, commissioning and implementation of community pharmacy services.
Background: Caline has been working in the Pricing Audit Centre Team for two years before joining the Services Team in April 2020.

Regulation and Support Team

The work of the Regulations and Support Team includes policy and provision of guidance to contractors and LPCs on NHS legislation and regulatory matters, and support and guidance on Constitutional matters for PSNC and LPCs. It also coordinates the provision of resources, training and development for LPCs and contractors and the development of PSNC regional groups.

Gordon HockeyGordon Hockey, Director of Operations and Support
Direct dial: 0203 1220 821
Gordon joined PSNC as Director of Operations and Support in 2016. He leads PSNC’s work on regulatory matters related to NHS pharmaceutical services, such as the market entry provisions, and the terms of service. Gordon also provides guidance on those regulatory matters to PSNC when it is consulted on proposals for amendments, and he pro-actively identifies issues that PSNC may wish to see amended.
Background: Gordon practised as a community pharmacist before working for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in various roles, including secretary to the statutory (disciplinary) committee. He is qualified as a barrister and for almost 17 years he worked for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, first as Assistant Registrar, in charge of standards and fitness to practise procedures for veterinary surgeons and nurses; and later as Registrar of the College.

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Layla Rahman, Regulations Officer

Direct dial: 0203 1220 810
Role: Layla works closely with the Director of Operations and Support, providing guidance to pharmacy contractors and LPCs on the ‘terms of service’, market entry regulations, data protection issues and other legislative and regulatory matters affecting the provision of NHS community pharmacy services.
Background: Layla was a locum pharmacist working in the community pharmacy sector before joining PSNC. Previous roles include Working at Intertek ASG, the UK’s largest and most prominent chemicals analysis lab. She also worked in a marketing role for a start up molecular diagnostics company.

Contractor and LPC Support

James Wood, Director of Contractor and LPC Support
Direct dial: 0203 1220 835
Role: James joined PSNC in January 2021 as PSNCs first Director of Contractor & LPC Support. His role includes being a member of the PSNC Leadership Team – leading on Contractor/LPC and PSNC partnership, and participating in the PSNC Negotiating Team. He is responsible for maintaining effective networks with contractors and contractor representative groups, including the 70 LPCs in England.
Background: James qualified as a pharmacist in 2004. He has had a diverse career in the sector and beyond in the wider NHS, including as a pharmacy contractor and Superintendent Pharmacist in Sheffield. James has been involved in local pharmacy representation via LPCs for most of his professional career; first as a governing member and latterly for over 9 years as a Chief Executive Officer.
In 2018 James was designated a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in recognition of the advancement of pharmacy practice.

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Communications and Public Affairs Team

The work of the Communications Team includes managing PSNC’s public relations and public affairs activities, including issuing press releases and dealing with media enquiries. It coordinates proactive communications planning and delivery for PSNC and assists the wider team with the development of key communications to contractors, LPCs and stakeholders, including the production of Community Pharmacy News. The team can be contacted using

Zoe SmeatonZoe Long, Director of Communications and Public Affairs 
Direct dial: 0203 1220 839
Role: Zoe works across PSNC’s policy areas to communicate news, updates and guidance to pharmacies, LPCs and other stakeholders. She is responsible for the coordination of communications across PSNC’s website and other channels; and she manages press functions, including offering LPCs and pharmacies advice on local media work. Zoe also works closely with the other national pharmacy organisations to promote community pharmacy more widely, working with the All-Party Pharmacy Group and helping to build relationships with politicians and charities.
Background: Zoe joined PSNC after five years working as a journalist and then News Editor at Chemist+Druggist magazine.  She has a degree in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from Cambridge University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism.

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Melinda MabbiuttMelinda Mabbutt, Pharmacy Communications Manager
Direct dial: 0203 1220 826
Melinda manages PSNC’s communications to community pharmacy teams. Responsibilities include preparing news, updates and guidance for pharmacies and LPCs, with Dispensing and Supply as a particular area of expertise given her previous role on PSNC’s Information Team. Melinda manages PSNC’s website content and is responsible for PSNC’s email newsletters, one aimed at pharmacy staff and the other for LPC members.

Jessica Ferguson, Public Affairs Officer
Direct dial: 0203 1220 829
Role: Jessica joined PSNC in March 2018. She supports PSNC’s public affairs work by drafting briefings, monitoring Parliamentary business, and helping to manage MP engagement.
Background: Jessica has a degree in Politics from Cardiff University. She has experience in healthcare communications and worked at Incisive Health before joining PSNC.

Jamie Gilliam, Digital Communications and LPC Support Officer
Direct dial:
0208 3623 231
Role: Jamie helps Melinda to manage PSNC’s communications to community pharmacy teams. His responsibilities include preparing news, updates, and guidance for pharmacies and LPCs. Jamie also helps manage PSNC’s email newsletters and presence on social media and is partially responsible for PSNC’s website content. Finally, Jamie helps maintain positive relationships with England’s 70 LPCs.
Background: Jamie has a degree in Politics from King’s College London and has some campaigning experience.

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