Communicating with patients

Communicating with patients

PSNC often creates resources that community pharmacy teams, LPCs and others can give to patients and the public to provide more information about community pharmacy and its services. Here we have brought together all of these resources in one place.

General information about community pharmacy

CPCF summary for external stakeholders (2019)
A summary of the five-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) created to explain it for external audiences. These may be particularly useful for LPCs engaging with local healthcare organisations or other stakeholders.

Community pharmacy presentation (2019)
A PowerPoint about community pharmacy reflecting changes to the CPCF.

Community Pharmacy Services flyer  (2018)
An infographic explaining what community pharmacies do. (LPCs can find an editable version, for amending details of local services available, here.)

Think Pharmacy posters
A collection of posters that can be printed off and used to promote both local and national pharmacy services to patients.

Local pharmacy campaigns (LPC Members Area login required)
LPCs will sometimes wish to run campaigns promoting the use of local pharmacies. This page contains some resources created as part of previous local campaigns which may provide inspiration or materials for others.

PSNC Briefing 049/15: Template press release highlighting pharmacy’s role
Following comments by Maureen Baker, Chair of the RCGP, complaining about the increases strain felt by GPs due to an increasing workload, Oldham, Tameside and Glossop LPC produced a press release which was published by The Oldham Chronicle and The Manchester Evening News. They have shared it here as an example which may be useful to other LPCs.

Sliding doors: your patient’s journey (an infographic)
Healthcare consumables supplier Valley Northern has created an infographic detailing how the general public can turn to their local pharmacy for minor illness advice and alleviate pressure on the NHS.

Dispensing prescriptions and handling medicines

The Prescription Charge Card and Multi Charge Card
These are designed for display in public areas of pharmacies to inform patients of the current NHS prescription charge and any prescription items which incur more than one charge.

Poster on freedom of choice
This was issued by NHS England to help ensure that all patients are aware of their right to choose freely where they have their medicines dispensed.

Unwanted Medicines Card
This is designed for display in public areas of pharmacies to inform patients which medicines a pharmacy can and cannot accept for disposal.

Medicines factsheet: Information on medicine supply for patients
Information leaflet that community pharmacy teams can give to patients affected by medicines shortages.

The Electronic Prescription Service

EPS patient information leaflet
This explains how the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) works.

eRepeat Dispensing poster and leaflet
This details the benefits of eRepeat Dispensing.

Advanced Services

Flu Vaccination Service – patient posters, leaflets and flyers
These have been created to help community pharmacy teams promote the Flu Vaccination Service by making patients aware they can have their NHS flu jab at their local pharmacy.

Flu Vaccination Service – promotional toolkit for LPCs
PSNC has developed a wide range of resources to help LPCs with communications and marketing for the Flu Vaccination Service. The promotional toolkit is comprised of a series of resources which aim to gain interest from the local media, as well as more general information intended for patients and the public.

Public/patient newsletters

Public newsletters promoting pharmacy services
These newsletters promote pharmacy services, explaining EPS and seeking views. They were distributed to more than 600,000 people in North East London to help the public to understand the services available from local pharmacies and the need to continue supporting them.

PSNC guidance on drafting patient newsletters
These patient newsletters promote the NMS and MURs. They were drafted primarily for use with local charity groups, but they may also be of use to LPCs and pharmacies drafting patient newsletters.



Think Pharmacy Event – Patient stories
Showcasing patient stories about using their local pharmacy. Created by Hertfordshire LPC.

Taking charge of your medicines with Mo
Encouraging people to have a medicines review. Created by Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).

Think Pharmacy Hip Hop Video
Highlighting what pharmacy has to offer. Created by NHS Dudley.

The Pharmacy Song
Aimed at patients explaining what pharmacy does. Created by The Sound Doctor.

Creating your own patient communication materials

NHS Community Pharmacy Terms of Service
If you are developing your own marketing materials, please remember they must ensure they comply with the requirements of the Terms of Service relating to promotion of services funded by the NHS.

NHS Identity Guidelines: NHS logo use by pharmacies
If you choose to use the NHS identity (i.e. the NHS logo) on your marketing materials, please ensure that this guidance is adhered to when producing, updating or replacing designs.

A-Z of NHS health writing
An A-Z style guide of words and phrases about health and the NHS, which aims to make content aimed at patients easy to understand, is available on the NHS website. The NHS website team try to use words on their website that people use themselves when they talk about their problems and when they search for information on the internet.

Community pharmacy teams may wish to refer to the guide when producing their own health content or communication materials.

Accessible communication formats
The Department for Work & Pensions and the Office for Disability Issues have issued guidance on Accessible communication formats. The guidance contains a section on ‘accessible print publications’ which offers best practice guidance on font size, design, layout, etc for printing publications. This may also be useful for contractors when looking to amend downloadable documents from the PSNC website or when creating new documents for patients.

The Heart of our Community logo
This logo has been designed to promote community pharmacy and its pivotal role in helping to manage the nation’s health and wellbeing.

Essential facts, stats and quotes
A compilation of facts, stats and quotes relating to different topics which may be useful in creating your own promotional resources. This page is a ‘work in progress’ and new topics will continue to be added.

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