Pharmacy Winter campaign day

Pharmacy Winter campaign day

The national pharmacy organisations held an action day on Tuesday 21st November 2017 to promote the role that community pharmacy teams can play in helping people to stay healthy through winter and reducing pressure on other NHS services. Whilst the action day has now passed, the messages are still relevant throughout the winter period and we would be delighted if LPCs and pharmacy teams are able to continue to promote the campaign.

The aims of the Pharmacy Winter campaign are to:

  • promote the roles that community pharmacy teams already play in helping people to stay healthy through winter and reducing pressure on other NHS services;
  • warn of the risks if any of these services are lost; and
  • highlight the many additional roles that community pharmacies could play in helping people and the NHS through the winter period.

PSNC Briefing 081/17: The #pharmacywinter Action Day – Key Messages & Media Resources
This briefing sets out some key messages and a press release which LPCs and community pharmacy teams may like to consider if they are taking part in the #pharmacywinter action day. The information could easily be adapted to promote the role of community pharmacies in winter more generally, either before or after the action day.

Community pharmacies: helping patients and local communities during winter (and references)
This flyer was used by PSNC during a Parliamentary reception for the Pharmacy Winter campaign day, jointly organised with the other national pharmacy organisations. It has been shared here so that LPCs and pharmacy teams can use it during MP or local councillor visits.

A number of activities have been taking place as part of the Pharmacy Winter campaign. Click on the heading below to reveal more information and related resources.

Councillor pharmacy visits

The current political focus on local commissioning means it is more important than ever to engage with local councillors, and the action day should provide a useful opportunity to do this. We will be aiming to offer briefings to as many councillors as possible, and particularly those with an interest in health, inviting them to visit a community pharmacy to find out more about the services they are offering and their role throughout the winter months.

How to get involved:

  • Pharmacy teams: If you would be interested in hosting a councillor visit at your pharmacy, please let your LPC know.
  • LPCs: Invite councillors to visit local pharmacies and let us know about any planned visits by emailing


PSNC Briefing 080/17: A guide to local government and community pharmacy (October 2017)

PSNC Briefing 081/17: The #pharmacywinter Action Day – Key Messages & Media Resources

Social media work, including WePharmacists Twitterchat

We will be using social media to try to get as many people talking about community pharmacy as possible.  We are encouraging all community pharmacy teams and LPCs to use their social media accounts on the day (and throughout the winter months) to help show the difference that pharmacies are making. You can use the #pharmacywinter hashtag to take part.

A ‘Twibbon’ has been created so you can show your support. Please visit this page for guidance on how to add it to your profile picture – and don’t forget to Tweet/post to tell others about it.

On the action day (21st November), PSNC co-hosted a WePharmacists Twitterchat between 8-9pm. Details of what was discussed and who took part can be found at:

How to get involved:

  • Pharmacy teams:
    • Use the #pharmacywinter hashtag on social media to show the difference your pharmacy team is making;
    • Add the Twibbon to your profile picture; and
    • Join the WePharmacists chat.
  • LPCs:
    • Use the #pharmacywinter hashtag to share examples of great work by pharmacies in your area;
    • Add the Twibbon to your profile picture;
    • Engage local stakeholders via your posts; and
    • Join the WePharmacists chat.


#pharmacywinter tweet templates – for use by community pharmacy teams

Tweet templates for use by LPCs

Pharmacy Winter photoboard
This can be held in photos taken to be posted on social media. These photos could be of pharmacy team members or MPs and councillors who you may have asked to visit the pharmacy.

Parliamentary Reception

More than 30 MPs and their researchers attended a Parliamentary drop-in session on the action day (21st November), where they were briefed on community pharmacy and offered a medicines check and the chance to speak with local pharmacy representatives. Many came along to reaffirm their support for the sector.

How to get involved:

  • Pharmacy teams: If you would like to invite your MP to the reception, please coordinate with your LPC.
  • LPCs: Invite your local MPs and let us know those who are planning to attend by emailing


Draft invitation for MPs (event now passed)

PSNC Briefing 081/17: The #pharmacywinter Action Day – Key Messages & Media Resources

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