PSNC Briefings: PSNC’s Work

PSNC Briefings: PSNC’s Work

As part of the of support services it offers, PSNC often sends out briefings to LPCs and pharmacy contractors. These briefings range from presentations to help LPCs and pharmacies to understand key areas of PSNC’s work, to updates and guidance on the new NHS environment and regulations.

The briefings PSNC has sent out in the past year about PSNC’s work are listed below or you can view older archived briefings at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions on the briefings, please contact the PSNC team member detailed in the briefing.

PSNC Briefing 001/21: PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit 2021 – Team Briefing Sheet

PSNC Briefing 043/20: COVID-19 Second Wave – PSNC Negotiations Action List (November 2020)

PSNC Briefing 027/20: Summary of the findings from PSNC’s Pharmacy Advice Audit

PSNC Briefing 025/20: PSNC Priorities and Negotiations Action List (August 2020)

PSNC Briefing 021/20: PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit – Team Briefing Sheet (June 2020)

PSNC Briefing 020/20: Summary of the Independent Review into Contractor Representation and Support

PSNC Briefing 016/20: COVID-19 Response – PSNC Negotiations Action List

PSNC Briefing 011/20: CPCF in 2020/21 – Frequently Asked Questions

PSNC Briefing 027/19: Five-Year CPCF Deal - Frequently Asked Questions

PSNC Briefing 026/19: A Summary of the Five-Year Deal on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework

PSNC Briefing 012/19: An Introduction to Serious Shortage Protocols (March 2019)

PSNC Briefing 057/18: Funding 2018/19 – Frequently Asked Questions (October 2018)

PSNC Briefing 044/18: Summary of the Judicial Review Appeal judgment (August 2018)

PSNC Briefing 008/18: Hosting a pharmacy visit for your local MP (February 2018)

PSNC Briefing 083/17: Guide to the (non-CCA) Multiple Chemist elections

PSNC Briefing 082/17: Guide to the Regional Representative Elections (October 2017)

PSNC Briefing 081/17: The #pharmacywinter Action Day – Key Messages & Media Resources (October 2017)

PSNC Briefing 080/17: A guide to local government and community pharmacy (October 2017)

PSNC Briefing 079/17: Working with other health and care partners – a suggested checklist for LPCs

PSNC Briefing 073/17: LPC size and structures – a discussion paper for LPC meetings (September 2017)

PSNC Briefing 048/17: Hosting a pharmacy visit for your local MP (July 2017)

PSNC Briefing 031/17: Summary of the Judicial Review judgment (May 2017)

PSNC Briefing 028/17: General Election 2017 – how to host a pharmacy visit for general election candidates (May 2017)

PSNC Briefing 007/17: Pharmacy Contact Sheet (February 2017)

PSNC Briefing 071/16: Guide to the Regional Representative Election North Western Region (December 2016)

PSNC Briefing 058/16: Imposition for 2016/17 and 2017/18 – Frequently Asked Questions (October 2016)

PSNC Briefing 057/16: Imposition for 2016/17 and 2017/18 – Information for Contractors (October 2016)

PSNC Briefing 056/16: PSNC Response to Parliamentary Debate (October 2016)

PSNC Briefing 043/16: The Value of Community Pharmacy – a summary of PwC’s report (September 2016)

PSNC Briefing 039/16: Guide to the Multiple Chemist Representative Election (August 2016)

PSNC Briefing 037/16: Guide to the Regional Representative Election West Midlands Region (July 2016)

PSNC Briefing 036/16: Organising a local MP engagement event (July 2016)

PSNC Briefing 035/16: Summary of PSNC Meeting (July 2016)

PSNC Briefing 026/16: PSNC’s counter proposal to the Government’s plans for community pharmacy in 2016/17 and beyond (April 2016)

PSNC Briefing 023/16: Engaging with local stakeholders (April 2016)

PSNC Briefing 022/16: Guide to the Regional Representative Elections (April 2016)

PSNC Briefing 018/16: Community Pharmacy Value Flyer (March 2016)

PSNC Briefing 016/16: Community Pharmacy Westminster Hall Debate (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 007/16: Campaigning guidance for LPCs (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 058/15: PSNC Statement on centralised dispensing (November 2015)

PSNC Briefing 050/15: Template radio scripts to promote national pharmacy flu vaccination service (September 2015)

PSNC Briefing 049/15: Template press release highlighting pharmacy’s role (August 2015)

PSNC Briefing 037/15: Contractor FAQs on additional 2015/16 settlement elements (July 2015)

PSNC Briefing 031/15: Engaging commissioners with a Think Pharmacy event (June 2015)

PSNC Briefing 020/14: Community Pharmacy Funding Settlement 2014-15 - Frequently Asked Questions (September 2014)

PSNC Briefing 018/14: The Settlement Negotiations and the Negotiating Process - background information for contractors (September 2014)

PSNC Briefing 099/13: Guide to the Regional Representative Elections (October 2013)

PSNC Briefing 085/13: PSNC Vision narrative - a summary (August 2013)

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