PSNC Briefing 036/21: Dispensing Patient List Validation

PSNC Briefing 036/21: Dispensing Patient List Validation

Regulations under the NHS Act 2006 require NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) to consult LPCs on prescribed matters. This devolves certain powers to LPCs on a range of issues, including rural matters. Under the Regulations, NHSE&I must consult LPCs prior to the determination of controlled localities, and on outline consent and premises approval. LPCs also have a right of appeal on controlled localities, reserved locations and the 5-year rule and must be notified of gradualisation decisions. Finally, LPCs may request determination of whether an area is, or is not, a controlled locality and NHSE&I are required to consult LPCs on related housekeeping matters. Among these matters is dispensing patient list validation.

PSNC Briefing 036/21: Dispensing Patient List Validation

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