#PSNCtalk videos

#PSNCtalk videos

In August 2017, PSNC and pharmacyTALK began working together to produce a series of videos to help those who work in community pharmacy by sharing guidance and offering advice, as well as making pharmacy staff aware of the vast range of PSNC resources available and where to find them. A new video will appear here each month and will also be available from the pharmacyTALK website (you can register for the pharmacyTALK forum here).

An introduction to #PSNCtalk

September 2017: National Flu Vaccination Service

Please note, this video was recorded prior to the addition of care workers and domiciliary care workers as an eligible group to the NHS Flu Vaccination Advanced Service on 20th November 2017.

Resources mentioned in the video

Services Factsheet: Eligible Groups for the Flu Vaccination Service 2017/18 – psnc.org.uk/eligibleforflu

Small flu vaccination flyers (and other patient communication materials) – psnc.org.uk/flupatientcomms

Identifying carers eligible for a flu vaccination – psnc.org.uk/fluservicecarers

NHS Identity Guidelines: NHS logo use by pharmacies – psnc.org.uk/nhsidentity

PSNC’s Flu Vaccination Service hub – psnc.org.uk/flu

October 2017: Lobbying & contacting your local MP

Resources mentioned in the video

How to find out who your MP is – www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps

PSNC Briefing on hosting a pharmacy visit for your local MP – psnc.org.uk/psncs-work/psnc-briefings-psncs-work/psnc-briefing-04817-hosting-a-pharmacy-visit-for-your-local-mp-july-2017/

Campaigning for community pharmacy hub – psnc.org.uk/campaign

Guidance and resources to help engage with politicians – psnc.org.uk/politicians

Commissioners Portal – psnc.org.uk/commissioners

Contact the PSNC Communications Team for help – info@psnc.org.uk

Please note that this video provides general information and guidance on talking to MPs; for the latest campaigning resources and guidance for LPCs please refer to the campaign homepage: psnc.org.uk/campaign

November 2017: 'Walk in my shoes' project for GP staff and pharmacy teams

Resources mentioned in the video

Walk in my Shoes toolkit – psnc.org.uk/walkinmyshoes

Working with GPs webpage – psnc.org.uk/workingwithGPs

December 2017: EPS - Submissions & Payments

Resources mentioned in the video

EPS section of the PSNC website – psnc.org.uk/EPS

Exemption status for EPS prescriptions webpage, including link to factsheet – psnc.org.uk/EPSexemption

EPS submission webpage – psnc.org.uk/EPSsubmission

Checking your EPS payments webpage, including link to factsheet – psnc.org.uk/EPSreconcile

January 2018: Managing your Smartcard

Resources mentioned in the video

PSNC guidance on NHS Smartcards – psnc.org.uk/smartcards

PSNC webpage on Registration Authorities, including contact details – psnc.org.uk/ra

Advice on dealing with Smartcard issues – psnc.org.uk/SCescalation

PSNC webpage on EPS Prescription Tracker – psnc.org.uk/EPStracker

Reporting EPS issues factsheet – psnc.org.uk/reportEPS

PSNC guide to managing your Smartcard – psnc.org.uk/managingsmartcards

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