PSNC’s vision and its development (2012)

PSNC’s vision and its development (2012)

In 2012, PSNC provided the following four-year vision of its aims and aspirations for the community pharmacy service.

The community pharmacy service of the future will offer support to our communities, helping people to optimise use of medicines to support their health and care for acute and long-term conditions, and providing individualised information, advice and treatment to support the public’s health and healthy living.

  • All pharmacies will provide a cost-effective and high quality range of services to their patients, encouraged by funding arrangements that motivate provision of care, reward positive patient outcomes and offer sustainability to contractors.  The value of pharmacy services to patients and the NHS and the wider savings which can be created by the effective use of pharmacy will be evidenced.
  • Pharmacies will be fully integrated into provision of primary care and public health services, and will have a substantial and acknowledged role in the delivery of accessible care at the heart of their community.
  • Pharmacies will be able to provide a wide range of NHS and other services to support communities and patients, and be able to offer them services on equal terms to other primary care providers.
  • Patients will be confident that when they access services from a pharmacy, the pharmacist and other members of the pharmacy team will have the skills and resources necessary to deliver high quality services. Effective communications and IT systems will ensure seamless integrated care with other NHS providers.
  • All patients will have a free and unfettered choice of pharmacy, with the ability to register with the pharmacy in relation to certain services.

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