PSNC Meeting March 2016

PSNC Meeting March 2016

Please note: This Committee meeting focused almost exclusively on the government proposals set out in the 17th December letter and the negotiations. Therefore there were no meetings of subcommittees. Subcommittee Reports were produced and any issues requiring decision were incorporated into the meeting and taken by the full Committee.

Click on the links below to download the agendas and minutes from the PSNC subcommittee and main committee meetings held in March 2016.

PSNC Agenda (March 2016)

PSNC Minutes (March 2016)

LPC and Implementation Support Subcommittee Report (March 2016)

Funding and Contract Subcommittee Report (March 2016)

Service Development Subcommittee Report (March 2016)

Health Policy and Regulations Subcommittee Report (March 2016)

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