Emergency and Business Continuity Planning

Published on: 18th October 2013 | Updated on: 15th March 2022

All businesses and NHS providers, including community pharmacy contractors, need to have an ability to cope with emergency situations, so that wherever possible, they can continue to provide services to patients and the public. This page contains guidance and resources to support business continuity planning and operations during emergencies, such as pandemic flu.

Business Continuity Plan Template

PSNC has developed the following business continuity plan template for use by contractors; this includes planning for business continuity during periods of disruption to IT services.

Pharmacy Business Continuity Plan template

Pharmacy Business Continuity Plan checklist 

Utilities Priority Services Register

Contractors can sign-up to the utility services Priority Services Register to enhance their business continuity arrangements. Inclusion on this register should mean your pharmacy has priority access to electricity, water and gas supplies. The register is run by the UK’s utility companies. Read more at Sign-up process for addition to the Priority Services Register (PSR)

EPS/IT contingency arrangements

Additional support resources are set out within our section on:

IT and EPS contingency resources.

Other guidance and resources

Guidance to help community pharmacies continue operating in emergency circumstances was developed by the RPSGB, PSNC and Community Pharmacy Wales:

Guidance on Service Continuity Planning for Pharmacy

Appendix A: Service Continuity Planning Template

EPS/IT contingency arrangements

Community Pharmacy Pandemic Flu business continuity planning template

Department of Health and Social Care Pandemic Flu guidance and resources

NHS England and NHS Improvement Pandemic Flu guidance

Business continuity hub

For more information on this topic please email info@psnc.org.uk

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