PSNC Briefings: Quality & Regulations

Published on: 25th July 2013 | Updated on: 9th June 2022

As part of the support services it offers, PSNC often issues briefings to LPCs and pharmacy contractors. These briefings range from presentations to help LPCs and pharmacies to understand key areas of PSNC’s work, to updates and guidance on the new NHS environment and regulations.

The briefings we have issued about quality and regulations are listed below. If you have any questions on the briefings, please contact the PSNC team detailed in the briefing.

PSNC Briefing 011/22: Temporary closures of community pharmacies PSNC Briefing 002/22: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Important dates for the diary (v2) PSNC Briefing 050/21: Regulatory amendments in late 2021/early 2022 PSNC Briefing 046/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2021/22 Action and Evidence Portfolio Workbook PSNC Briefing 045/21: Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments Guidance for LPCs PSNC Briefing 043/21: Resources to help update external stakeholders on pharmacy and the CPCF arrangements PSNC Briefing 039/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Asthma referrals PSNC Briefing 034/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Important dates for the diary PSNC Briefing 033/21: Pharmacy Access Scheme starting from January 2022 PSNC Briefing 030/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Guidance for Pharmacy PCN Leads on the Primary Care Network domain PSNC Briefing 029/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Guidance for pharmacy contractors on the PCN domain PSNC Briefing 028/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Guidance for LPCs on the Primary Care Network domain PSNC Briefing 025/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Summary of the training requirements for the 2021/22 Scheme PSNC Briefing 018/21: Pharmacy opening hours in the remainder of 2021 and in 2022 PSNC Briefing 017/21: Hub and Spoke dispensing PSNC Briefing 012/21: CPAF screening process for 2021/22 PSNC Briefing 003/21: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Completing your declaration PSNC Briefing 041/20: Part 2 2020/21 Pharmacy Quality Scheme - Evidence checklist PSNC Briefing 019/20: Emergency closure checklist for community pharmacy PSNC Briefing 060/17: Equality Act 2010 – a quick reference guide (August 2017) PSNC Briefing 020/17: PSNC’s guidance to contractors on whistleblowing (updated) PSNC Briefing 001/16: Equality Act 2010 (January 2016) PSNC Briefing 023/15: Providing pharmacy services at a distance (April 2015) PSNC Briefing 097/13: Market Entry Regulations (September 2013)

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