Flu vaccination – claiming payment

Flu vaccination – claiming payment

Community pharmacy contractors can claim payment monthly, via either the paper claim form or the webform provided by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) (but not both).

Claims will be accepted by the NHSBSA within six months of administration of the vaccination, in accordance with the usual Drug Tariff claims process. Later claims will not be processed.

Claiming using the paper form

The Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service claim form should be submitted to NHSBSA with the FP34C each month. The correct version of the form (V2) should be used to avoid any delays in payment.

To claim payment, the completed form should be sent with your prescriptions and FP34C submission document.

Following the recent entry of VaxigripTetraTM (quadrivalent influenza vaccine) to the UK supply chain by Sanofi Pasteur, NHSBSA has now separately listed this vaccine on the digital and paper claim forms so that contractors can claim for it accordingly. For contractors claiming using paper forms, the NHSBSA has confirmed that contractors can still use the previously-published 2018/19 paper claim form (V1) if they are not claiming for this product.

Claiming online

The NHSBSA will send a unique url (link) to the webform to all community pharmacy premises shared NHSmail accounts on a monthly basis. If contractors use the webform for submitting their claims, they should ensure that they only make a single claim for each calendar month, as subsequent submissions for that claim month will not be accepted by the webform.

Guidance on using the webform (online claim)

NHSBSA video on the digital flu submission

Management information reports for flu vaccination claims

One of the benefits of submitting digital claims for the Flu Vaccination Service is that a monthly overview report of flu vaccination claim submissions can be requested for individual or multiple pharmacies in a payment group.

Requests for a monthly report should be sent as soon as possible to the project helpdesk at nhsbsa.mys@nhs.net, stating the ODS code (or ODS codes if the request is for more than one pharmacy) and the job title of the person requesting the report.  For head offices of multiples, the Y Code should also be provided.

A single initial request can be submitted to the NHSBSA for a recurring monthly report for all pharmacies who claim using the digital service. The request should indicate ‘recurring’ for all months of the flu season to obtain a separate monthly report for each month.

A report will be produced for those pharmacies within the organisation that have submitted a digital flu claim (if will not include information on pharmacies who have claimed using the paper claim form). The management information report will show claim details for all pharmacies under the head office Y Code. This will include pharmacy details, volumes claimed for each flu vaccine, claim timestamp and the name of the person submitted the claim.

Each month’s report is expected to be available towards the end of the following month, for example, the September report would be available mid to late October.


Contractors providing the Flu Vaccination Service will be paid £7.98 per administered dose of vaccine plus an additional fee of £1.50 per vaccination (i.e. a total of £9.48 per administered vaccine). The additional fee is in recognition of costs incurred relating to the provision of the service including training and disposal of clinical waste. Such costs are not reimbursed elsewhere in the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework.

Contractors will also be reimbursed for the vaccine costs at the basic price (list price) of the individual vaccine administered and an allowance at the applicable VAT rate will also be paid.

Funding for the service will be in addition to and outside of total agreed community pharmacy funding for the financial year, instead coming from NHS vaccination budgets. The total delivered will be dependent on uptake of the service, but no cap has been set for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions relating to claiming payment can be found on the Flu Vaccination FAQs page.

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