Flu Vaccination – information for LPCs

Flu Vaccination – information for LPCs

This page contains information and advice for LPCs on the Flu Vaccination Advanced Service.

Guidance and support aimed at community pharmacy contractors and their teams is available via the flu vaccination hub page.

LPCs may want to consider:

  • supporting contractors, for example, through regular communications about service updates and by highlighting training options and other resources;
  • hosting a training event for any pharmacists who need it locally;
  • patient communications to highlight the service, for example, LPCs may wish to organise an event with local press when the service launches; and
  • what meetings with local stakeholders might be helpful to ensure that as many patients are possible receive NHS flu vaccinations.

Flu Vaccination Service promotional toolkit

Part 1: Service launch

PSNC Briefing 040/19: Flu Vaccination Service template press release
This PSNC Briefing contains a template press release which provides some suggested text for LPCs to use with local media outlets at the launch of the service to promote the community pharmacy flu service. The template includes areas where LPCs may wish to include local information, plus quotes from a local community pharmacist and an LPC representative.)

Flu Vaccination Service advert templates
You may also wish to generate interest amongst the local population by promoting the community pharmacy service in local newspapers and magazines. This document includes both A4 and A5 sizes, as well as black-and-white options, to fit a variety of advertising budgets.

PSNC Briefing 050/15: Template radio scripts to promote national pharmacy flu vaccination service
The LPC may also wish to consider working with a local radio station to produce some adverts. This PSNC Briefing was issued when the national service first began, but the template scripts are still relevant.

PSNC Flu Vaccination Service 2020/21 presentation
A template PowerPoint presentation that LPCs could use to help engage contractors and stakeholders about the 2020/21 Community Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Service.

Part 2: Reaching out to local stakeholders

Promoting the service to local charity support groups will help increase their members’ awareness of the importance of having a flu vaccination and that the NHS Flu Vaccination Service is widely available in community pharmacies as well as from GP practices. The following resources have been created to help LPCs.

Promoting the service to umbrella local care provider support organisations and other stakeholders will help increase awareness that care/nursing home, domiciliary care and hospice care workers can now have a flu vaccination in a community pharmacy. The following resources have been created to help LPCs.

Arranging an MP or local councillor visit to a community pharmacy to showcase the service can be a great way to engage with local politicians as well as generating media interest in it. The following resources have been created to assist LPCs in hosting a visit.

LPCs may want to consider using social media networks, such as Twitter, to promote the Flu Vaccination Service. The following resources are available to support you in using this method of communicating with patients or other stakeholders.

Additionally, to support the sharing of best practice, please see further examples of promotion from other LPCs.

Part 3: Responding to queries

PSNC Briefing 036/19: Flu vaccination: The benefits of a community pharmacy service
To support LPCs in providing information and statistics to patients and local stakeholders, PSNC has developed this briefing which sets out the evidence we have for community pharmacy flu vaccination services, showing that they can effectively augment the vaccination service provided by GP practices.

PSNC Briefing 037/19: Flu vaccination: Responsive Lines for LPCs
Finally, these lines may be useful to LPCs who experience negativity from local doctors or Local Medical Committees (LMCs) about the recommissioning of the Flu Vaccination Service.

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