Flu Vaccination – Patient questionnaire

Flu Vaccination – Patient questionnaire

Patients must be asked to complete a copy of the national patient questionnaire following administration of the vaccine.

The patient questionnaire has been updated for the 2018/19 service following a review by PSNC’s Research Fellow at the University of Sunderland. More granular data will now be captured which should help strengthen the evidence base for the service.

Patient Questionnaire 2018/19 (PDF)

It is therefore important to discard any previously printed versions of the patient questionnaire from previous years and ensure that the new form is used. 

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Patient questionnaire IT platform

NHS England has launched an IT platform to enable patient questionnaires from the Flu Vaccination Service 2018/19 to be completed electronically either by the patient themselves or with help from the pharmacy team.

The IT platform allows patient questionnaire details to be recorded in a number of ways including:

  • completing the questionnaire online – a tablet device could be used in the pharmacy (if available) and the patient could input their responses;
  • using a QR code to access the questionnaire if the patient has a smart phone with a QR code reader App installed on it;
  • providing the patient with a compliments slip detailing the website address and QR code for them to complete the questionnaire online at a convenient time; and
  • a downloadable copy of the patient questionnaire which the patient can complete in the pharmacy.

When patient questionnaires are completed on paper, community pharmacy contractors should utilise the functionality available on the IT platform to submit patients’ responses to the questionnaire so that these responses can be collated and analysed along with those submitted electronically.

A guidance document on how to use to complete the process will be available on the IT platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions relating to the patient questionnaire can be found on the Flu Vaccination FAQs page.

Patient questionnaire results 2017/18

The patient questionnaire results from the Flu Vaccination Service 2017/18 have not yet been published by NHS England.

Patient questionnaire results 2016/17

NHS England has shared the collated results of the patient questionnaire for the Flu Vaccination Service in 2016/17, showing that the community pharmacy service was highly valued by patients last year.

The headline figures* include:

  • 98% of patients were very satisfied with the service;
  • 99% would be willing to have a flu vaccination at a pharmacy again;
  • 99% would recommend the service to family and friends;
  • 15% said they might not have had a flu vaccination if the service had not been available in the pharmacy;
  • 10% did not have a flu vaccination in the previous year; and
  • 64% previously had a flu vaccination in another setting and swapped to pharmacy.

An infographic summarising the main results has been produced by PSNC and LPCs may like to consider using this at lobbying events or if they intend to contact local charities/organisations about the Flu Vaccination Service (further support for this activity can be found in the Flu Vaccination Service promotional toolkit for LPCs).

The below pie chart illustrates how people heard about the community pharmacy Flu Vaccination Service and shows that over three quarters (77%) of patients* heard about the service from the pharmacy team or a promotional poster within the pharmacy.

Number of patients who completed the questionnaire

*The patient questionnaire is optional for patients to complete, and not all respondents answered all questions. The minimum number of responses to a question included in the percentages provided above and on the infographic, was 99,931 and the maximum number of responses to a question was 110,981.









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