Flu Vaccination – Off-site vaccinations

Flu Vaccination – Off-site vaccinations

The Flu Vaccination Service will usually be carried out on the pharmacy premises in the consultation room. However, when requested, and if a community pharmacy contractor agrees to this, contractors can carry out flu vaccinations at long-stay care homes, long-stay residential facilities or patients’ homes (where the pharmacy has an existing clinical relationship with the patient e.g. pharmacy services have previously been provided to the patient). Contractors must follow the procedure set out in Annex C of the service specification, including notifying NHS England in advance of the first off-site visit that they plan to provide vaccinations off-site by completing the Notification of Intent to Provide Off-Site NHS Flu Vaccinations Form.

Notification of Intent to Provide Off-Site NHS Flu Vaccinations 2019/2020 (Word)

Notification of Intent to Provide Off-Site NHS Flu Vaccinations 2019/20 (PDF)

This notification in advance will cover each off-site visit during the 2019/20 flu season. The pharmacy must follow appropriate cold-chain storage measures and ensure that the setting used to administer the vaccinations is appropriate.

Contractors should email the completed form to their local NHS England team:

NHS England local team email addresses for community pharmacy matters

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions relating to off-site vaccinations can be found on the Flu Vaccination FAQs page.

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