Flu Vaccination – record keeping and data requirements

Flu Vaccination – record keeping and data requirements

This page contains information on the patient consent requirements and the record keeping requirements for the flu vaccination service.

Patient consent

As with the provision of any pharmacy service, the patient must consent to being vaccinated. The General Pharmaceutical Council’s Guidance on Consent provides information on consent for pharmacists and their teams.

Prior to vaccination, consent must be sought from each patient.  This consent should cover the administration of the vaccine as well as advising the patient of information sharing that will take place for the appropriate recording of the vaccination in their GP practice record.

The patient should also be informed that information relating to their vaccination may be shared with NHS England and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) as part of post-payment verification (PPV).

Patient consent can be obtained verbally and should be recorded in the pharmacy’s clinical record for the service. From September 2020, the requirement for a patient to sign a consent form has been removed from the service requirements.

National Flu Vaccination Record Form

Contractors must maintain appropriate records to ensure effective ongoing service delivery.

The minimum requirements for the information which should be included in a contractor’s record of provision of the service to a patient are the mandatory sections indicated within the National Flu Vaccination Record Form which is included in the service specification. Contractors can use this form to maintain their record of service delivery or the information can be recorded on an alternative form or in another way, such as an electronic system.

The eligible patient groups in 2021/22 have changed, so it is therefore important to discard any previously printed versions of the Flu Vaccination record forms from previous years and ensure that the new form is used.

National Flu Vaccination Record Form 2021/22 (Word)

National Flu Vaccination Record Form 2021/22 (PDF)

IT support for the service

In many areas, Regional NHSE&I teams have been able to arrange IT support for the service. Contact your LPC to find out whether that is the case in your area.

Where IT support is not available, contractors will instead be able to use a paper-based record keeping system.


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