Identifying carers eligible for a flu vaccination

Identifying carers eligible for a flu vaccination

PSNC has worked with Carers Trust to produce resources to assist pharmacy teams in identifying carers who may be eligible for a flu vaccination. These resources are:

The 60-second pharmacy flu chat document suggests offering to let the carers’ GP practice know if they’re a carer when the flu notification form is sent to the GP practice. It also suggests giving carers information about their local carers service, information on the services that are available from your pharmacy which may be beneficial to the carer, as well as the Carers Trust leaflet about managing medicines.

PSNC has also produced a small double-sided carer flu flyer which can be attached to prescription bags. This can be used as a conversation starter to encourage carers to have a flu vaccination.

In addition, Carers Trust has worked with NHS Employers to produce a document which contains a script and FAQs to help healthcare professionals have conversations with carers about the flu vaccination. This can be accessed on the NHS Employers website. A carers leaflet has also been produced for staff to use to promote the flu service to carers.

Additional support

Carers Trust has provided a copy of their Carers Services Flyer, which can be given to carers to advise them on the kind of services available to help them on a local basis.

PSNC has produced two template leaflets for pharmacy teams to use to assist them in advising carers on the services they offer and to provide information to carers on managing medicines.

Further information on how pharmacy teams can support carers can be found by using the shortlink

In addition, Carers Trust has produced ‘ten signs that tell community pharmacy teams that someone may be a carer’. These are listed in the box below:

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions relating to carers can be found on the Flu Vaccination FAQs page.

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